Foursome tagged xvideos on jennaclub. What is the meaning of Foursome? Is it from the adult industry or from golf?

A foursome is a form of group sex involving four people of any gender combination. A fourgie, sex between four people. They love to have sex with more people often called groupsex.

Also amateur swinger when they meet a other couple they will be with four. Having sex with the other partner off the couple. Two swinging couples having sex in one room or in the club.

In golf:

A foursome tournament is played in teams of two. Each team plays together with one ball, which they hit in turn. It is decided in advance who will hit the even holes and who will hit the odd holes. After a player has turned off, his partner makes the second trick.

They take turns playing until the end of the hole. A group of four people or objects; as, we need another player to make a foursome for bridge.

more meaning off foursome: quartet, quartette, foursome, four, 4, IV, tetrad, quatern, quaternion, quaternary, quaternity, quartet, quadruplet, foursome, Little Joe (noun), the cardinal number that is the sum of three and one

Foursome in other language:

cuarteto in Spanish, nelikko in Finnish, quadrille, quatuor in French, négyes in Hungarian, berempat in Indonesian, 四人 in Japanese, foursome in Latin, foursome in Dutch, quarteto in Portuguese, че́тверо, четвёрка in Russian, foursome in Swedish , 四人 in Chinese