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What types of bikinis are there?

Nowadays we have a lot of choice in bikinis. They come in all shapes, sizes and colors. All very nice, but all those different types of bikini tops are hard to tell apart.

Bandeau bikini

You can compare a bandeau bikini with a bandeau top. Both have a tight bustier and are strapless, but there are also bandeau bikinis with a neck closure.

Underwire bikini

The underwire bikini resembles a underwire bra. They both support the breasts and the cups have a firm shape.

Bustier bikini

A bustier bikini looks a bit like a sports bra and supports the bust. Not very fashionable, but good for your facade.


A monikini is a type of bikini that consists of two parts that are attached to each other. Such a bikini is also called a simikini.

Halter bikini

You have to close the halter bikini at your neck and it is actually a mix and match of all bikinis together. Because you also have other types of bikinis that you have to close in the neck like a bandeau bikini, a triangle bikini or a tankini.

Push-up bikini

Do you want a fuller bosom? Then choose a push-up bikini. These bikinis contain pads that push up the breasts, creating a cup size more naturally.


A tankini consists of a long top that can be compared to a tank top. If you don’t want to show your tummy, a tankini is a good choice.

Triangle bikini

A triangle bikini is a bikini in the shape of a triangle. Often you have to tie this bikini on the back and neck.

what to wear on your beautiful body as a women?

Small breasts

If you have small breasts, you are lucky to be able to wear everything from triangle to bandeau to the classic underwire bikini. Buy a bikini with something special, such as bright colors and fun patterns and designs.

Opt for trendy fringes and ruffles; these eye-catchers are not only very fashionable but also make your breasts look bigger. If you want more cleavage then a push-up bikini top is perfect for you or if you want to give your breasts a little more volume, choose a model with soft cups!

Large breasts

A large bust needs extra support and requires a sturdy cup with underwire and sturdy, adjustable soft shoulder straps that don’t cut your shoulders. A wire bikini is therefore the best choice for you, the wires provide support and give your breasts a nice round shape.

If you want to make your breasts less noticeable and camouflage, choose a bikini top in a dark color such as black, gray, dark blue or brown and at least opt ​​for solid colors, small details and small prints, otherwise you will put too much attention on your top.

If you want to make your décolleté stand out, choose bright colors, flowers, buttons and fringes. View all large cup sizes here and find one that suits your taste.

Thick buttocks

First, hiding your buttocks under a large covering slip or big beach shorts only makes them stand out and look even bigger. A bikini bottom that just covers your buttocks (such as a Brazilian bikini bottom that is a bit narrower at the back) makes your buttocks optically smaller, just like that a dark color gives a reducing effect. Try to divert attention from your buttocks by focusing on your upper body. For example, wear a bikini (or tankini or swimsuit) with a dark solid color at the bottom and a striking printed fabric at the top. You can of course always hide your firm buttocks with a nice pareo or beach dress when you walk on the beach.

Small buttocks

If you would like a bit more volume with your butt, then it is best to go for a striking print and choose a small bikini bottom. “Less is more” in this case! If you have narrow hips, ruffles, stripes, sequins and large patterns on the bikini bottoms are what make you look more rounded and luscious.

Short legs or fat legs

Lengthen your legs optically and therefore also give a slimmer look, you do by wearing high-cut pants that show more skin, so that your legs suddenly look a lot longer and slimmer. If you have guts, choose a string for optimal extension. A high-cut bikini bottom or swimsuit is the perfect match for you and therefore also prevent pants with legs! It makes you look smaller and your legs look thicker.

Broad shoulders

Even if you have broad shoulders, you can also balance your body with the right swimwear. A halter bikini is perfect for you because your halter line visually narrows your shoulders. Just don’t choose a bandeau top because the horizontal line makes you even wider. Do you prefer to buy a bathing suit or tankini? Make sure that it is solid colored along the length and has a nice pattern on the sides, or vice versa. This creates the appearance of an hourglass figure that makes your body appear less square.

Belly and “Love Handles”

A belly is easier to hide in swimwear than you think. For example, look for corrective high waist bikini bottoms, which sit up to your belly button or sometimes even higher and not only make your waist look slimmer, but also make your belly flatter due to the corrective fabric in it. Ideal! A lighter colored top with a beautiful cleavage then draws attention away from the abdomen. Avoid large prints, choose solid dark colors at the belly and avoid shiny and metallic effects, these draw the attention to your belly. Furthermore, a tankini is always a good move if you want to hide your tummy.

Varicose veins

Blue or purple veins just under your skin are annoying if you like to go out with bare legs in the summer. But we also have some good tips for this. To hide your varicose veins while you go swimming, there are recently very nice swimming capris. These are long trendy swimsuit for women that reach above the knee.

If you prefer a short swim brief, then you buy a breezy beach pants, large pareo or long beach dress with the same colors that you can put on as soon as you want to walk on the beach or boulevard.

In addition, varicose veins are much less noticeable if your legs have become nicely brown, so you can consider going with your legs under the sunbed a few times in advance. Avoid white swimwear if you are not so brown yourself, because white makes you whiter and that makes the blue veins and thickenings more noticeable.

Too skinny

The best way to look slightly thicker in swimwear is to wear horizontal lines or swimwear with a larger pattern. If you are on the skinny side, bikini bottoms with legs are nicer because you look fuller and choose a bikini or tankini with a loose top. If you have less curves, a monokini can also look very nice. A monokini accentuates the middle of your stomach, making your hips and breasts less noticeable.

Light skin

With naturally fair skin, you are also very sensitive to the sun and burn quickly. In order not to have to spend all day in all places, you can also choose a stylish bathing suit or UV shirt with sleeves or even long sleeves. These are really not only for surfers, but also for the fashion-conscious woman who does not want full sun with her skin all day long. If you go for that one nice bikini with a white skin, avoid a black or white bikini and bikinis in bright colors.

The white color of swimwear makes your skin even paler and black contrasts too much with a very fair skin tone. You can also avoid bright yellow to not look super white. To look slightly browner / less white, go for pastel shades or soft colors.

Breast form

You can also go swimming and confident with a breast form or sunbathe in a bikini or bathing suit that fits well and where everything stays in place perfectly. A prosthetic bikini has a top that is slightly higher and wider, with the padded cups having covers so that the breast prosthesis can be worn invisibly.

Cellulites / stretch marks

If you have cellulites (also called ‘orange skin’) and you are not happy with those pits and holes on your thighs and thighs, you certainly do not have to avoid a bikini. There is also a solution for your problem zone in the form of bikini skirts or swimming trunks with long legs.

Or mix and match your bikini top with super cute beach shorts that you can easily pull over the bikini and that you can also swim with if you want. Swimsuit dresses are also ideal in your case, they fall over your thighs so that no one sees anything. The same applies to women who suffer from scars from stretched skin (stretch marks).

Bottom body wider than top

Do you have a flat stomach, narrow shoulders, a slim waist and wide hips? Then you have a pear figure. Your breasts are relatively small while your thighs, thighs and buttocks are full.

Top of body larger and wider than bottom

If all the volume is mainly near your upper body, then you have an apple figure. You have broad shoulders, big breasts and no waist and all your fat will be around your belly when you arrive. You also have narrow hips and slender legs.

No waist and no round shapes

If the top and bottom of your body are the same, then you have a straight figure type. You are slim with no visible waist. Your hips and shoulders are narrow and there are few round shapes.

Different size in upper and lower body

At your torso size 38 and around the hips 44? Or maybe the other way around? No worries, for ladies with a different size in the upper and lower body there are now the Mix & Match bikinis! Loose pants and tops that can be mixed together. So you always have a bikini that is good everywhere.

Now all you women and girls knew what to wear on the beach. so take the camera and give us your striptease in a nice bikini. Like the shoot they take on Bikini Riot.

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