Woody Maxim Blowhard Or Internet Marketing Messiah

Woody Maxim claims to be a former porno webmaster that made 10 million per year and knows all the dirty tricks about making money online. Is he really revealing underground porn industry tactics? Or is he another egomaniac who likes the sound of his own voice?

Let’s face it, the internet is full of egomaniacs busy selling their wares. And there’s thousands of us buying them in hopes of making a living on the internet. Trouble is, most of it’s all hype with no substance. Instead of making money, we wind up with empty pockets.

Talk is cheap and all it takes to sell a plan is a lot of hype from a good salesmen. That would be the same salesmen you’d find selling snake oil on the street corner. That’s where Woody Maxim differs.

Why you ask? Well, because here is a man that’s “been there -done that – and made more money than most of us can even get our minds around.” And what he’s decided to do is actually share that information.

For any of you that have spent time on the web you already know that it isn’t as easy to make money as you might think. First of all you need to make search engines like Google happy. But to do that, you need traffic. Without good placement on the web no one is ever going to find you. Can you see where you find yourself in a vicious circle going nowhere? But Woody Maxim knows how to generate that traffic and he’s willing to share the information.

Still not sure? Can’t say I blame you. But consider this – Woody Maxim comes from the porn industry. The two most difficult industries to get traffic in are porn and gambling. That’s because there are so many sites vying for that traffic. Now if Woody was able to figure it out for the porn industry, it’s a shoe in he can generate massive traffic for any niche.

And that’s where you come in. If you are serious about becoming one of those website gurus you read about. The ones making millions just by spending some time on their computer, you’ll want to find out what Woody has to say. If you’re just playing around and getting your feet wet don’t bother because Woody Maxim is looking for those that are serious about building a real business.

When we talk about the dot com bust that occurred we tend to forget about all the savvy individuals that walked away with millions in their pocket. Today making money on the internet it no different because if you aren’t one of the early birds you are too late. And since most of us aren’t real guru’s and don’t even fully understand what it takes to become successful we need to turn to those that have a proven record. Right now, there is probably no better teacher than Woody Maxim.

Between Woody’s blog and his newsletter there’s enough information to get you started in the right direction. And why should you be any different than anyone else? Your bright, business orientated, and have a desire to succeed. Woody Maxim has the proven tools to get you there! Are you up for the challenge?