What is the best erection pill?

What is the best erection pill?

There are different types of erection pill, but what exactly is the best erection pill can be different for everyone and depends on various factors. The duration of action is one of the biggest differences between the erection pills available on the market. It is therefore impossible to say what the best erection pill 2018 was. Because: what exactly are your plans? Do you want an erection for a long time or not? The pill that comes out best in the erection pill test does not yet have to be the most suitable erection pill for you.

Best erection pill

Okay, so looking for the best erection pill. Did you know that there are quite a few differences between the different pills that are available? The biggest difference, as mentioned, is the duration of operation. Viagra, still widely regarded as the best erection pill, for example, works for six hours, Levitra for at least another two hours longer. Do you want even longer? Then Cialis is the most suitable erection pill for you. It is not without reason that Cialis is sometimes called the weekend pill because this pill can work for up to 48 hours. An erection pill like Spedra also has a very long duration of action. So if you want an erection for a very long time, the most suitable erection pill for you is Cialis or Spedra, while the best erection pill for someone else can best be Viagra.

Fast effect

In your search for the best erection pill, it is also important to know when the pill starts to work. For most erection pills, a period of three quarters of an hour is maintained before you notice anything about the intake of the erection pill. With Cialis, that period is a little longer, sometimes the effect can take up to twelve hours. Spedra is the most suitable erection pill if you want an effect as soon as possible. Cialis is an erection pill that is also sometimes prescribed in a low dose every day. This means that you can have sex spontaneously and you do not have to coordinate this with your partner in advance. You can now basically have sex any time of the day.

No erection pill

There is no best erection pill for people who use nitrates because these people are strongly advised not to take an erection pill. This also applies to people who have had a heart attack or stroke in the past six months. People suffering from heart failure, hepatic impairment or renal impairment also prefer not to take an erection pill.


Most erection pills are today ordered online. You can also get the pills with a doctor’s prescription, but you must first go to the doctor with your problems and that is a bridge too far for many men. The offer on the internet is enormous. The question is whether they all do their job equally well. Certainly in our country Kamagra is one of the most ordered erection pills and it is also seen by users as the most suitable erection pill. Besides that the pill works just like Viagra, the price appeals to many men, because it is very low. If you order your erection pill online, you often have it at home a day later. Medication provides you with a reliable platform for buying erection pills.