Teacher’s Threat

A girl finds out she has a crush on her teacher and stops at nothing to fulfill her fantasies. Hope you enjoy! (Be prepared for a long one, this story is ~25k words!)

I had a crush on my teacher.

Saying it now feels like no big deal, but at the time I remember it was the hugest thing. It was kind of stupid – boys were allowed to talk about how hot their teachers were, and you couldn’t go a single lunch period sometimes without overhearing some of the bolder ones talking about “how big Ms. Lawson’s ta-tas” were or something. Occasionally a mildly popular guy would claim he had sex with one of his teachers to earn reputation points or something, but he’d quickly get shut down by his classmates and enjoy going back to being one of the less popular ‘full of shit’ guys for at least a few weeks.

But if you were a girl? You were screwed. If you talked about it in front of your friends, it would reach the whole school the next day. If it reached the school, you were officially a crazy horny bitch with an Electra complex. Good luck getting a boyfriend after that.

And if you were like me, and you had a crush on your female teacher… well, you were extra screwed.

I guess I didn’t have much to lose anyway. I wasn’t exactly one of the most popular girls at school, but my looks would kind of give that away. I was so stereotypical it hurt. Shortish brown hair, a baggy shirt, always clutching your books close to your non-existent chest and presto, you get Mina. Sheltered all her life, the teachers barely notice her, let alone the students, and to top it all off, even the bookworms at Hazelwood High School had a clique, so I was truly on my own.

Well, that wasn’t entirely true. There was Lucy. We were close, but it was one of those things where she was my best friend, but I clearly wasn’t hers. Still, I was grateful to have her around, even if her very presence made me jealous sometimes. It wasn’t enough that of course she was more endowed than me (even though we were in high school, the fact that people our age were judged based on the balls of fat we had on our chests was kind of disgusting). She also was constantly chatting up others as we walked in the halls together, talking with people as they passed by, texting others when we hung out, and… I just didn’t feel like I was enough for her.

People kept telling me I was just mature for my age. My mom would tell me that at least once a week. Maybe I was, and maybe it was inevitable that instead of one of the dumb boys, I’d fall for Ms. Wagner. And oh my god, did I ever fall for her.

I don’t even know when it began. I know that from the moment I saw her I was shocked by how good she looked, but there was a difference between that and a crush. This was Ms. Wagner’s first year, a point that was not lost on her class – we students could always tell who was older and who was younger. Part of it was their attitude, part of it was their looks, and part of it was their aura too. Ms. Wagner had this look to her that was equal parts intimidating and just downright gorgeous. She had straight brown hair that she always had done up in this ponytail that told her class she was all business, but there was no fooling me, especially in her eyes – she clearly had a more childish side, or a more mischievous side or something. Add to that the freckles on her face and her knowing smirk she’d give all too often, and a face like that would begin to wear anyone down, given time.

I wasn’t the first student she’d unknowingly seduced with that smile. In fact, within the first few days of her teaching at the school, I had overheard a bunch of the boys in my homeroom class talking about her at lunch.

“What do you think?” Quincy, the leader of their rat pack, asked his ragtag team. Lucy and I were standing in line for lunch and couldn’t help overhearing them.

“I’m thinking… thirty? Twenty-eight?” Johnny, the cutest one of the group, shrugged.

“Thirty?! Ms. Wagner, thirty? C’mon, dude.” Quincy laughed at him. “She looks like she could have graduated from Hazelwood last year.”

“Bull-shit!” Artie, another one of them, joined in.

“Got something to say, Artie?” Quincy challenged him. “I’m not saying she’s fuckin’ thirteen or anything.”

“What’s going on?” Lucy asked me, eyeing the boys.

I shrugged. “I think they’re talking about my homeroom teacher, Ms. Wagner.”

“What’s she teach?”


She stared at the ground in thought for a few seconds. “Is she the one with the hips?”

“The what?”

“No? Maybe I’m thinking of another teacher.” Lucy replied thoughtfully.

“I… don’t know,” I managed. “I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the hips of my teachers.”

Lucy laughed at me. “Mina, come on. If she’s the one I’m thinking of, you can’t not see them. Check it out. Save my spot.” She sauntered over to the boys at the lunch table and posed coquettishly in front of Artie.

“Hiiiii, Artie,” she purred.

“Hey Luce. What do you want?” Artie asked.

“I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation, and was wondering, who’s Ms. Wagner? I feel like I’ve seen her before.”

“Oh. Um, she’s that new English teacher. Kinda young-looking, the one with the ponytail,” he replied.

Lucy pretended to think for a bit. “I think I’ve seen her around. What does her body look like?”

“Huh?” Artie asked, with Lucy only staring at him in response. “Well, y’know, she has… she’s…”

“Hips. The one with the hips.” Quincy practically burped.

“Thank you,” Lucy replied merrily, skipping back in line, leaving a confused Artie staring at her. “See?” she asked me.

“I guess,” I laughed. The boys were now staring at me and with no doubt a blush on my face I turned away.

Lucy smirked at me. “You’re getting attentionnnn,” she sang.

“It’s just weird,” I awkwardly replied.

“You should ask out Johnny sometime. I think he likes you.” Lucy had the courtesy to say that under her breath.

“Isn’t it his responsibility to ask me out?” I asked.

“It’s 2021. Fuck gender roles.” Lucy flipped her hair dramatically.

“Wow, I had no idea I was talking to Susan B. Anthony,” I mumbled. My mind was definitely not on Johnny.


If I could have cursed Lucy to never fill my head with an idea again, I would have, because the next morning the first thing I noticed were Ms. Wagner’s hips. Some people just had those kinds of bodies, and now that I was looking at hers, I had to admit I was surprised I didn’t notice it sooner. She had such beautiful wide hips that her walk was forced to be a saunter, like some kind of sexy tease. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose, just a consequence of what God gave her.

And now, I was looking at her full body, and that was the first day I knew I had a crush on her. Not only did she have an impressive set of hips, but also a pretty impressive chest on top of it. I still didn’t get the appeal of boobs, but if every single other person in this school was going to pretend that boobs were a measure of hotness, then I could now understand why everyone in the school was talking about her. The mischievousness in her eyes now took on a whole new meaning – combined with her walk, it was clear this woman was built to have kids.

Imagine how lucky it would be to be her husband.

I clenched my teeth and immediately tore my eyes away from her to my desk. Oh my God, was I breathing heavier? How weak was I? Class hadn’t even begun yet. I kept my head down until I had to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, and after, attendance.

Some teachers liked to have fun with their attendance, making students say what they did last night or even make their students say their names in a pattern. Miss Wagner was a fan of the classic – ‘name, here, name, here.’






“Yeah. Yeah, I’m here.”

I turned pink and eyed the desk again. That was possibly the most I’d ever said to a teacher in my entire time at this school, and I wasn’t even aware when it was exiting my mouth. I don’t know if anyone was looking at me but Miss Wagner just kept going, down the list of names. Then afterwards, she would stand up. And I would see more of her body.

Oh my God. What was happening to me?


“Hey Lucy?”

“What?” Lucy asked me, taking a bite of her sandwich, pretending she was studying like me.

“How many boyfriends have you had?”

Lucy gave me a smile, a ‘where is this going’ smile. “My fair share,” she said with an awkward chuckle. “Funny you should bring it up, I had three boys ask to go out with me on the same day yesterday. Three in one day! I think I hit a new record. Summer has been making these boys thirsty.”

“Wow, congratulations,” I replied, my heart not in it.

“I’m thinking I might go out with Artie, actually.” she continued. “I don’t know. I still have to think about it, see if he’s… you know…”

“Not scum?”

“He’s a boy, so my odds are low,” she laughed. “Why do you ask?”


“Ooh, are you actually gonna go out with Johnny?” she interrupted excitedly.

“What? No. He never even asked me out,” I replied a little impatiently.

“Oh. Well, he should. You know, the only reason I never asked if he wanted to do something sometime was because I let you have-”

“You let me have him, yeah. How many times are you going to tell me that?” I asked, annoyed. I let a beat of silence flow between us. “I was just wondering how you know when you’re falling for someone.”

Lucy sighed heavily. “Okay, so there’s falling for someone, and there’s, like, falling for someone. I think the first time you feel like you fall for a boy, you won’t know what it is, but you’ll know it’s something, you know?”

I nodded, signalling for her to continue.

“So, the first time I really fell for a boy was probably Jack, last year.”

“Jack Marks?”

“That’s the one,” she replied with a smile. “And at first it was like, ‘yeah, I like you’ but after a while it just kept getting more and more powerful. I couldn’t look at his face without picturing his abs. I kept feeling my heart beat faster when he was around. And – ahh-ha-ha…” she trailed off nervously, looking around. “Okay, can I tell you something and you swear it won’t leave us?”

“Yeah, sure,” I replied.

“So… that’s when I actually started, you know… touching myself.”

I gasped. “Masturbating?”

She lowered an eyebrow. “Sure, if you wanna be a medical dictionary about it. Anyway, things actually got kinda bad, and I ended up forcing myself to stop being in the same… what’s the word… starts with a V…”


“Thanks – vicinity as him. I don’t think we ever actually met, and it wasn’t like he was going to fall for me as soon as he met me. At most, I was just some girl he’d seen a couple of times.”

“Yeah, I can understand that,” I lamely replied, looking down.

Lucy looked at me for a couple of seconds. “Do you…”

I shrugged. “I can’t tell yet.”

Lucy squealed and clapped her hands together. “Oh my god oh my god! Finally! Who is he?”

I sighed in turn. “Okay, nothing leaves this room, right?”

She nodded enthusiastically.


“Mina, I promise,” she said solemnly.

“It’s… not a he.”

The silence was deafening. “Oh,” she finally replied. “…Huh. Okay, just to make sure I’m covering all my bases, is it, like, me or something?”

“It’s not you,” I laughed, weirdly out of breath from the nervousness of telling her this.

“Okay, cool,” she also laughed alongside me. “Because, like, I have no problems with, y’know, that, but if it was like, with me, then we’re gonna have a problem, you know?”

I wasn’t sure what she meant but I thought the best course of action was to ignore that. “Not only that but… it’s an older girl.”

“Wow,” Lucy laughed. “You set your sights high, huh? Wait, does she go to our school?”

I was in too deep to back out now, but even still, there was no way in hell I was spilling my guts to that extent. “Lucy, I don’t get out. At all. Of course she goes to our school.”

“Okay, so it’s an older girl that goes to Hazelwood…” Lucy trailed off, thinking.

“And if it’s okay, I’d prefer if we… didn’t play twenty questions about who,” I continued. “I think this is just my Jack. She’s pretty unavailable and I don’t want people knowing I was attracted to her.”

“Uh, yeah, okay, cool,” she awkwardly replied. “But hey, maybe she feels the same way and you two will actually end up dating. It’s high school, there are no rules.”

“I really doubt it,” I answered. “Plus, we do have rules, the ones set by the teachers.”

She shrugged with a smile. “Yeah, but, fuck teachers.”


It was a few more days of pure hell in homeroom before I had been worn down. Every day became a little bit harder as I had to struggle with it. At first it was just denial – at first, denial that I actually had a crush on my teacher, then denial that it was here to stay.

It was almost pathetic how easy it was for her to wear me down. I would stare intently at her while she stood at the front of the class and just… taught, with that voice of hers. She had the perfect blend of authoritative voice and one of those ‘one of the girls’ voices. She almost had a lilt of Valley Girl to her voice, which made the fact that she was in charge of us that much more sexy for some reason.

Sexy. I never used that word beforehand. Now I was thinking about it a lot. Sexy, sexy, sexy.

It was like a drug. It wasn’t just her curvy, filled out, voluptuous body that was sexy. It was her voice. I needed a bigger hit, and I needed it to be addressed to me. Scared as hell but knowing I needed to do this, I raised my hand.

Even though she was only a few weeks into this job, she knew that I wasn’t the type to raise my hand. She stopped mid-sentence and looked at me. My heart skipped a beat.

“Yes, Mina?” she asked melodically.

“C-could I p-please go to the washroom?” I managed to choke out.

She smiled at me. I had to hold my breath to stop my quickening breathing from showing. “Of course you can,” she told me warmly.

Slowly and clumsily, I stood up from my dumbly-designed seat-desk and walked calmly out of the classroom. As soon as I was out, I was practically hyperventilating and ran to the washroom.

A heat was surging through me. I never had felt this kind of heat before, but now I just wanted the heat to flourish. I slammed the stall door closed and immediately rested my head against the wall.

This woman had barely even acknowledged my existence, and yet… I felt a throbbing down below that I had never felt before. A hunger. A heat.

I had never done this before. I undid and lowered my jeans and sat down on the toilet, experimentally running my hand over my left thigh. Every time I ran my hand up my thigh, I’d get further up. Closer to it. I was so turned on, so sensitive, that even the first time I ran my hand against the area next to my labia, I nearly cried out.

I was going to do it. I was going to learn how to masturbate, here in this grimy washroom, because I wanted to… do things with my teacher. A primal need in me had sprung forth, a side of me that I never even knew existed.

I rubbed my outer lips for almost a full minute longer before I slowly slipped a finger inside myself. As soon as I did, my mouth became locked in an ‘O’ shape and I leaned back, closing my eyes and picturing Ms. Wagner.

She would give me the most intense look, and bite her lower lip as she looked me up and down. “You want me to kiss you?” she’d ask teasingly in her authoritative yet flirty voice. She’d reach up and undo her ponytail, letting her hair fly free, perfectly framing her face. She’d start undoing the buttons on her shirt. “You’re such a naughty girl, lusting after your own teacher,” she’d purr, unflinchingly grabbing the back of my head, giving me a small smile. “Go on then. Show me how much you want me.”

I was well beyond using two fingers now. It was a struggle to hold back my moans, with my hands feeling out the patterns and figuring out what felt the best. I had discovered I liked using two fingers over three, and that if I periodically rubbed my clit, not too hard, but went back to fingering myself after about half a minute of clit attention, it made the fingering feel so much better. I was figuring myself out, I was being diligent. I was being a good little schoolgirl.

One of my feet was up against the stall wall as my first orgasm approached. My mouth was still in an ‘O’ shape, my eyes squeezed shut, my imagination overflowing with images of Ms. Wagner making out with me and taking off her shirt. I could barely breathe when I exploded, and couldn’t hold myself back. To this day I hope to God there was no one else in that washroom, because not only did I moan, I said more.

“Oh, Ms. Wagner!!!”

It took me a full thirty seconds after I came to realize that I had actually said that. After giving a silent prayer that no one else was there, I lay there in the afterglow, only deciding against doing it again when I realized what time it was. When I got back to class, I quietly slunk back to my desk, feeling the shame of what I had done settling in, and tried to get caught up with the lesson as quickly as possible.

When Ms. Wagner saw me for the first time since I came back, she gave me a small smile to see me back. My vagina throbbed, and I swallowed hard.


So, welcome to my sexual awakening, I guess. From that day forward I masturbated at least once a day. As fun as it was to masturbate at school seconds after seeing her, I very rarely masturbated at school anymore – I’m sure word would have gotten out that there was a girl going to the washroom every homeroom period and crying out Ms. Wagner’s name in sexual bliss, and that wasn’t going to end well.

Lucy kept asking to get more information about the person I had a crush on, and that went about as well for her as one would expect. Over time, I just accepted that, like most high schoolers, she was nosy and loved drama, so I just talked to her less to make sure I wouldn’t slip up and say it.

I thought that there were no other real changes to my life (thank god the physical effects Ms. Wagner had on me plateaued instead of getting more and more intense), though it’s hard to see yourself from the outside sometimes. After another week or so, as class was about to finish up, Ms. Wagner approached me during a work period.

“Mina, could you see me after class please? I have some notes about your last assignment.”

One or two of the class jokesters gave an, “Ooooh,” as if I was in trouble, but I couldn’t even focus on them. I looked up into Ms. Wagner’s eyes and could barely do any more than nod. Satisfied, she went back to her desk and sat down. I was amazed that with her gifts that she could even sit in a chair.

There were only five minutes left in class but even then I couldn’t think or process anything. She wanted to see me? Why? Was I caught, did someone tell her about that time I moaned her name a week ago? Did she feel the same way? Did she want to tell me off right there? I was practically squirming in my seat, half in fear, half in anticipation.

Whatever it was, Ms. Wagner wanted to see me. In private. This was a blessing and a curse – I had a good excuse to look into her eyes the whole time she wanted to see me, but this also meant I had to look into Ms. Wagner’s eyes and not lose my composure after a few seconds.

My mind was a cold blaze by the time the bell rang. I almost jumped when I heard it. Everyone else started calmly filing out of the room, but I just sat there, practically paralyzed, unsure of what I should do. While I sat there overthinking to hell, everyone quickly left and Ms. Wagner, satisfied that there was no one there but myself and her, quietly shut the door and sat back down at her desk.

“Do you mind coming here?” she asked. Like a zombie, I obeyed, never talking, never even making eye contact with her. I approached her desk and she seemingly waited until I dragged my eyes up from the floor.

She had the most beautiful face on the planet. Whether she wore those reading glasses she kept on her desk or not, her face was constantly the image of perfection. Her freckles and natural blush, splashed across her face, made every single feature of hers pop. Her beautiful deep brown eyes, her nose, her fun-loving smile… everything about her was just so damn sexy.

And now that I was this close to her, something else became apparent… her smell. It practically made me dizzy. It didn’t smell like perfume, it didn’t even smell like anything conventionally ‘good’ like flowers or shampoo or something… I swear I was just smelling her pheromones. Something about her smell made me want to reach forward and just… devour her. I just wanted to reach forward and touch her.

“I’m sorry that I called you here, I hope you can understand,” she began, smiling sympathetically at me. She gestured towards a chair. “You can go ahead and have a seat if you want.”

Wordlessly, I obeyed. Her eyes followed me. I was so turned on by her.

She waited until I sat down to continue. “So, I’ve been going over your past few assignments, in-class work, and I’ve noticed that recently… you’ve been kind of slipping.” She took out a few of my past assignments as evidence and laid them out before me. “I have the feeling that you’re a smart girl, but it just sort of seems that something has been… kind of off lately.”

My face scrunched up. Me, doing poorly? I may not have been a class genius or something, but I never even had to try for these classes. Clearly some sort of mistake had taken place. I can’t just sit here looking dumb, especially not in front of the woman I like.

“And I hope this is okay, but I asked around, both your past and current teachers – only because I want to make sure you succeed – and sure enough, they all remember you as a bright girl but your other current teachers tell me the same thing is going on. I realize I may have not been your teacher for long so I totally get if I don’t know you as well as the others and this is weird or something, but I just wanted to check and make sure everything is going well with you.”

I looked her in the eye, my expression giving away how I felt about this situation. I looked from her to my assignments. It was still kind of early in the school year, but sure enough, my assignments from last month had good grades across the board, and my more recent assignments… not so much.

Ms. Wagner was eyeing me intensely. Her scent was still capturing me. It took all of my focus not to let my mind wander off to my fantasies again. “Is everything going okay with you, Mina?”

“Y-yes, I’m f-fine.” I managed.

“There’s no… problematic situations going on at home or anything? If something is stressing you out, you can tell me.” Her voice dripped with concern for me.

“I w-would want to tell you. If something was going on. Which it isn’t. Nothing bad. Like, nothing to note,” I stumbled.

“Okay,” she said resignedly. “Is it just a tough month for you? Or maybe you’re in a rut or something. Unless you find you’re not understanding the class content.”

I was fine at understanding the class content. If this was happening, it was clearly a fluke, maybe I just wasn’t adjusting too well to the school year or something. I opened my mouth to speak.

“Because if you’re not, I do have sophomore lunches free,” she continued, smiling at me. “I usually sit here alone eating my own lunch anyway, so it’s not putting me out. You’re a special student and I really want to see you shine.”

My mind stopped in its tracks. Yes. Yes yes yes yes yes. Was she asking me to be alone with her? Yes. I wanted this. Yes.

“I hope it doesn’t come across as me being too controlling or anything,” she laughed, practically to herself. “We could start small. If you think you want a little boost, we could do Tuesdays at lunch here. I can’t really help you with your other classes, but I can at least give you some resources and private tutoring here, on my own time, if you’d want that.”

I felt my mouth go dry. She was offering for us to spend time together. Alone. Just the two of us. “I c-could see the benefit of that, if you think it would help,” I nervously mumbled.

“Great!” I could feel her eyes dancing and penetrating my soul. “We can start next Tuesday is that works for you. We’ll just cover the material from your last few assignments, catch you up to speed, see how we feel from there. Does that sound good?”

I could only nod dumbly. I was going to get private tutoring. Private, one-on-one lessons. This had to mean something. Right?


The first lunch meeting went as expected – she actually just went over coursework. But this time, there was no class, no sea of people I could get lost in. Now it was a fact she was only talking to me and me alone. It was just us two, with no excuse not to stare at her eyes and see hers meet mine right back.

Her smell was even more noticeable when it was just the two of us. I’m sure there was something flowery that she applied to herself – maybe it was perfume, maybe it was just her shampoo or something – but that was just the frosting on the cake.

She smelled like desire. One whiff, or preferably inhale – of her smell and you’d fall under her spell. I couldn’t describe what it was she even smelled like, but I know that whenever I breathed, I was just reminded of my blazing desire for her. My… pussy was throbbing. Itching.

“…To me, that makes it the biggest theme of To Kill a Mockingbird,” she continued, so devoted to her lesson. “I mean, the beauty of English is that whatever we feel the strongest, whatever matters the most to us, that becomes ‘the most important thing’ to us.”

“I agree entirely,” I replied, trying my hardest not to say it dreamily. Spending all this time around her meant I was getting better at talking to her. No more stuttering, and plus, I was able to share actual opinions with her, whenever I could actually focus on the lesson, which I had to admit wasn’t often.

“So, what to you is the most important theme of the book?” Ms. Wagner asked, pulling up a chair in front of my desk and sitting down in it.

I had practically rehearsed for this moment. I let my mouth go on autopilot, something I had felt any English teacher “wanted” to hear from their students, while I got to drink in her image. Her freckles, her intoxicating smile, the way her eyes narrowed when she gave me one of her cheekier smiles. She was just perfect.

“You know, I was hoping you were going to bring that up,” she told me after I finished. “To be honest, and this stays between us…” She touched my hand, which was just sitting on my desk minding its own business, as she talked. “…I think a lot of student miss that kind of subtext. I knew you had a gift for English, I just knew it. I’m so glad we’re doing this.”

My eyes were on her hand. Her hand. The one that was touching mine. Her hand… was on my hand. I could feel her warmth, and it felt good. It felt right. I could feel my cheeks burning as my gaze lifted back up to her eyes. She was still talking, but her voice was just kind of fuzzy. I felt my heart beating faster. She touched me. This was it.

She gave me one of her trademark smirks as she stood back up and walked back to the board. Her hips complemented her every move. They were so wide, so perfect, she couldn’t help but parade her body around with every step she took. “I think that’s about all the time we have, but I would say our time together was very productive, wasn’t it?”

“Incredibly.” I replied immediately. “I learned so much. Thank you, Ms. Wagner. You have a way with words that just makes me understand this stuff so well, you’re such a great teacher.”

She gave me another sexy smirk, this time with one eyebrow lowered. “Okay, what is it you want from me?” she joked. We both laughed, but I knew. Deep down I was hoping she knew, too. Because if she knew and she was acting this casual, then maybe she… wanted it too. Wanted me.

I gathered my things together and smiled warmly at her. “Genuinely, though, I’m really glad you’re my teacher. Same time next week?”

“I mean, I’ll see you tomorrow,” she laughed. “Though don’t forget to have your report done, okay? I don’t want all of our hard work to go to waste.”

“I’ll have it done,” I promised and left the classroom.

I thought that when I left I’d suddenly feel free, like the object of my desire is gone and I could breathe without thinking of her again, but the desire only burned brighter. Kids filled the halls, trying to get to class. Lunch period was basically over. All these kids, in the hallways. That’s all they were. Immature. Infants. What the hell could they know of a love like mine? The simple fact was, they couldn’t. They were too concerned with trivial matters, while I had found the real thing.

And she touched me.

My cheeks burning with desire, I rushed to the washroom. I was no longer embarrassed, in fact… I felt empowered. I was doing this. No one was going to stop me.

With no hesitancy, I hiked up my skirt – a little overly feminine for me usually, normally I’d prefer to save this for special occasions, but I wanted to look good for her – and lowered my underwear.

I was so lucky. She touched that hand. The hand I used to touch myself. I held my hand in front of myself and smelled it. I swore I could still smell her on my hand. And now that hand was going to caress my outer folds. How I wish it were her hand instead of mine.

I was already so wet. Who couldn’t have been? I had just spent my entire lunch period with Ms. Wagner. Oh, how the boys must have been jealous. They talked up a storm, but no one got to spend time with her outside of class like I had. I was special. I was wanted by her.

I pictured her hand sliding its way up my thigh, caressing me… exploring me.

“Do you see how good it feels when another woman touches you?” Ms. Wagner would purr into my ear. I would nod.

“Good girl,” she’d tell me. “You made the right choice asking me to be your first. Not some silly school boy. After all, they don’t know how to please a woman.”

“Please me, Ms. Wagner. I’m yours,” I whined aloud.

“That’s right, you’re mine. And I have so many things to teach you.” Two fingers, just the way I like it, occasionally rubbing my clit. My sensations were through the roof, pure electricity was running through me. I was getting worse and worse at keeping quiet while I masturbated. I didn’t even care anymore. I just cared about the intense pleasure, and above all, her.

I arrived at my next class nearly halfway through the period, but it was worth it.


“…But that game isn’t coming out for a while. So until then, I’ll just keep playing Animal Crossing.” Lucy blabbered on as we sat down at the lunch table. “Some people stopped playing it last year, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re missing out.”

I stared at my lunch tray. I wasn’t hungry. Not for food. “Do you want my sandwich?” I asked her.

Lucy stopped talking. She was mid-sentence when I asked her. “Sure, I guess,” she mumbled as she reached to my tray, a slightly sour expression on her face. “Were you listening to anything I said?”

“Yes, I was listening,” I replied annoyedly. “I just have a lot on my mind. There’s a, um, test coming up in math.”

Lucy nodded. “I suck at math. Do you have Sigorsky or Murphy?”


“Graves… never heard of him.”

“Count your lucky stars,” I mumbled. “He sucks.”

“How so?” Lucy took a bite out of my sandwich, then her own, to compare.

“Well, he’s kind of a harsh t-”

Out of nowhere, like a superpower, I heard the name Wagner reach my ears. I turned around sharply and sure enough, it was The Three Amigos again, hooting and hollering.

“Yeah, as if.” Artie seemingly replied to something Quincy said. “She’s hot and all, but she’s a brutal marker. I got a 72 on my last report. What’s that, like a C? C+?”

“Uh, dude, I don’t know how to tell you this, but maybe you’re an idiot.” Johnny couldn’t contain his laughter. “Maybe I’ve just been putting in the work but I got an 85.”

“Eighty-five, huh? That’s cute.” Quincy replied, pretending to look off as if he were being nonchalant.

“Aw, who cares about some fucking numbers anyway?” Artie asked.

“Nah, I’m in this. What did you get, Quincy?” Johnny asked him, intrigued.

“Lemme just say, high nineties,” Quincy bragged. “What can I say, boys, I lay down the charm and it fuckin’ works.”

Lucy had noticed I was paying attention to them and had decided to listen in with me. “Jeez, Artie is kind of stupid.” Lucy mumbled. “English is an easy class to ace. I can’t believe I’m dating him.”

I said nothing, a glaring squint aimed at Quincy. The boys were laughing at something he said, something I missed because Lucy was blabbing in my ear.

“Nah, I’m serious! I can see it in her eyes. One look at me and she’s wet. I can guarantee, if I asked her to, she’d be on her knees for me in a second. Maybe the rumors about me spread around school to her, too.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. My blood was boiling. This was a complete lie, and how dare Quincy have the… the audacity to tell such a lie so freely. He was disgusting.

Before I knew it, I had stood up and walked over to him, seeing nothing but red.

“You are so fucking disgusting,” I icily began, directing any and all hatred I had towards Quincy. He turned to me with a dumbfounded expression. “Can you even hear yourself? Ms. Wagner would never go for such a disgusting pig like you. You’re so fucking delusional it’s, it’s crazy. You have as much chance with her as an ice cube surviving on the surface of the sun. Do you think people like Ms. Wagner would even want to hear that kind of shit? No wonder you have to brag about getting girls, I’ve never actually seen you with one, and hearing about how you reduce women to these slobbering idiots just lusting after you, I can see why.”

Before he even had a chance to reply, I stomped off. A few tables around us quieted down, no doubt shocked that the shy nobody of the school just went after a guy that was… not the most popular, but certainly well-known. Luckily, this wasn’t a low-budget high school movie, so it wasn’t like the whole cafeteria stopped talking so I could deliver my speech or anything.

I walked for maybe ten seconds more before the adrenaline wore off and… I wished I could evaporate into the air. I just made a whole song-and-dance defending Ms. Wagner in front of Quincy. I was so damn embarrassed. I wanted to die. I didn’t know how I was going to be able to look in his general direction ever again, and I shared homeroom with him.

Well, whatever. That pompous jerk implied Ms. Wagner would do things with him. How disgusting. It wasn’t true, and for him to even pretend it was was not only disgusting, but also totally irresponsible. He got what he deserved.


“Mind if I ask something non-class-related?” Ms. Wagner asked me after we wrapped up another lesson.

“Uh, yeah, sure,” I replied.

“I, uh, heard about something that happened in the cafeteria a week or two ago,” she brought up gingerly.

I felt my cheeks go pink. No, red. Purple, maybe. I looked to the floor and Ms. Wagner gave a small, sultry laugh. “I take it you know what I’m talking about.”

“Yes, I do,” I lamely replied. “Am I in trouble or something?”

“Oh my God, no, no no no,” she soothed me, laughing the notion off. “Honestly? I think it was really sweet that you defended my honor like that.”

I gave a confused chuckle. “You don’t think it’s weird that a boy made those kinds of comments about… his teacher?”

“Honey, the patriarchy allows for schoolboys to think it’s okay to say some terrible stuff,” she replied seriously. “If I was there, I’d have some choice words for him, and he’s lucky that his punishment is all he got. But I only heard about what he said in the first place because gossip of you raising your voice at him spread fast.”

Ugh. I was afraid of that.

“Hey.” I raised my head again to see her, as serious as ever, staring into my soul. “Don’t be ashamed. Be proud of what you did. I really like that you used your voice and stood up for something you believed in. It was the cherry on top that you’re defending me, as your teacher and your friend, like that.”

“Yeah, thanks.” I smiled.

“And don’t think twice about calling out boys who act like that. I hope that if you get a boyfriend in high school it’s because he’s genuinely nice to you, because he treats you well, and because you like spending time around him. If he pressured you or something, make sure to exercise your right to feel comfortable and safe.”

I felt a surge go through me. Panic, but like, a good panic. “Can I confess something to you?”

Ms. Wagner nodded. “Is it about this stuff? Go ahead.”

“I… don’t think it’ll be a boyfriend. I think I’m into girls.” I gingerly told her, practically grimacing at the worst-case-scenario response she’d give.

Instead, thankfully, she gave me a warm, reassuring smile. “Yeah? That’s awesome, Mina. Way to go. I’m proud of you for thinking about your feelings like that and accepting you might have different feelings.” She chuckled. “I could go on and on about heteronormativity too, but that’s a whole other topic.”


“Heteronormativity. It’s basically the idea that ‘straight’ is treated as ‘normal’ and for people attracted to other genders, like you might be, it can feel like you’re a freak or an outcast because you’re not conforming to the societal default.”

“Well, I mean, yeah. I had trouble even telling my best friend that I’m into girls, and even then she gave me this weird ‘ohh, don’t have a crush on me’ thing.” I admitted.

Ms. Wagner stared at me intently for a few seconds. The silence was ominous. “Hey. Can I tell you something, but ask it doesn’t leave this room?”

“Of course, yeah.” I instinctively replied.

“Okay. But I mean it, teachers shouldn’t talk about this kind of thing openly like this, but I think it’s important that you hear it. I’m, uh, bisexual, but I didn’t have my first girlfriend until college. And even then, it was kind of a ‘secret girlfriend’ thing. Like, I was still in the closet at the time. I was always too afraid to tell my parents. In high school, I was kind of like you, but I was too afraid of not being normal that I tried to tell myself I only liked boys, but only later I found out that I was kind of lying to myself to make myself feel better.”

My heart was beating really quickly. She was telling me she was bisexual. This was the next step. Yes. This was her telling me, ‘I’m into girls.’ This was happening. We were getting closer, and everything was lining up. This was too perfect.

“So, I really mean it when I say I’m proud of you, Mina. I’m really glad that you’re in touch with your feelings like this. And don’t let any of those boys out there, or your best friend, or anyone, make you feel like you don’t matter just because of who you love.”

“I won’t.” I practically beamed. This was definitely a sign. And Ms. Wagner was supporting me. She was loving me. This was what true love was like. She was supporting my dreams, my bisexual sexy supportive teacher. “Hey, Ms. Wagner?”


“Could I… ask for a hug?” I asked.

She smiled warmly. Of course you can,” she told me, waiting for me to stand up then walking over to me, arms out.

She was a decent bit taller than me, I’d estimate around 5’10, taller than a lot of the boys, so my arms went under hers. Her scent was at its strongest during a hug, and oh my god, I couldn’t wait to get closer to her. If this was how my sexy teacher smelled with clothes on, then I couldn’t wait for her to shed those clothes and demand I come and please her.

She had this aura of sexiness to her. I wasn’t even sure if she was just a hugger and enjoyed being close to her friends, or if this was her trying to tell me something. Either way, she had told me she was into girls and gave me a hug. I knew I would be a little too busy to get my full eight hours of sleep tonight.


I was panting and sighing, two fingers deep into myself, arching my back. My eyes were closed – picturing I was on top of Ms. Wagner’s desk with her eating me out after I’d finished pleasing her, rather than just in my boring bedroom, on my boring bed.

I had gotten myself off twice that night but it just wasn’t enough – I wanted more. I always wanted more. I wanted her. I wanted her to sit on top of her desk, spread her beautiful legs and demand I get on my knees and make her feel good. I wanted her to lick my neck and tell me not to be nervous, my teacher would take care of me. I wanted her to dominate me, to tell me what a good little girl I was.

My phone rang, taking me out of my fantasy. I groaned in annoyance and slowly opened my eyes, taking my fingers out of myself and lazily wiping them on my bedsheets. I picked up the phone, looking at the screen – Lucy was calling. I rolled my eyes and hit the button. “Hey,” I softly began.

“Hey Mina,” Lucy’s voice replied. “Is now an okay time?”

“As okay a time as any,” I told her. “What’s up?”

“I, uh… so there’s no easy way to say something like this, but I just… wanted to talk to you.”

A look of confusion painted my face. “Wait, what? Did something bad happen?”

“No, no, I just… wanted to ask what’s been going on lately.”

“As in… ‘what have you been up to’ or ‘your attitude has changed’?” I inquired.

“The second one,” she flatly said. “I just… I dunno, I’m kinda noticing things about you. You’ve been kinda distant lately, we’re hardly having lunch together anymore and-”

“I told you, I’m just taking more lunches with Ms. Wagner now,” I explained. “It’s not like I’m ignoring you, I just need help with classes and stuff.”

“I know that, although that’s kinda weird too. I-”

“Weird? How’s it weird?” My tone lost its innocence.

Lucy gave a chuckle. “I mean, this has nothing to do with what I called ab- why I called, but you’re turning into a complete teacher’s pet. You’re spending almost every lunch period you can with her, you blew up in the caf telling a dude off for saying he had sex with your favorite teacher, and, come on Mina, you don’t need lunch lessons. You? I’d ask you about class stuff if we shared classes.”

“So… what, you think I’m going to lunch lessons to… hang out with her?”

“I mean, yeah, but that’s fine, it’s not l-”

“Well I’m not,” I quickly retorted. “Maybe this year I just don’t get this kind of class material. Maybe I’m dumb and I feel bad about it. Maybe it’s rude to just stick your nose where it doesn’t belong, Lucy.”

“Woah, girl. Chiiiiill,” Lucy hesitantly and awkwardly replied. “This isn’t even what I’m calling abo- okay, you know what? Ignore that stuff. I just want to know if I did something to piss you off or something. And with the way you responded, I kinda feel like I’m right.”

“I think you’re just being sensitive, if I can be honest,” I told her with no emotion. “I’m just becoming more independent. I’m sorry if I’m too busy at lunch for your liking, but I really want to learn this stuff and I’m just not getting it, oka-”

“Yeah, yeah, that’s fine and stuff. This isn’t just about the lunch stuff, jeez.” I could tell Lucy was getting impatient at this point. “I’m just concerned, that’s all. You know, what friends do? I was just wondering if maybe we could meet after school or something and talk things through, face to face. I mean, we should catch up anyway.”

“Yeah?” I disinterestedly replied.

“Are you busy tomorrow after school?”

I wasn’t. “I am.”

“Oh. Okay… we’ll find another time, I guess. If you have a free lunch period, you know where to find me. I can’t do Friday, Artie and I are going out… Ooh! Speaking of, you’ll never guess…”

I listened with half-closed eyes as Lucy droned on and on about boys. Stupid boys. Immature, idiotic, horndog boys. Lazily, my free hand started rubbing my pussy, more out of boredom than anything, as she talked. Occasionally I’d offer a ‘mhm,’ and that was good enough for her.

“Speaking of,” she said after finally finishing her story, “How are you and that older girl? Is that why you’re busy tomorrow, do you have a date with her?”

I cleared my throat. “I don’t really want to talk about that, Lucy.”

“Aw, come onnn. I want to hear the details! If you’re not gonna tell me her name I at least wanna know how you’re doing with her. Like, last time you told me there was no chance, but, like, things change, right?”

“Last time I asked you not to talk about it again, and yet here we are, with you bringing it up again, and I don’t appreciate that. Goodbye, Lucy.” Without waiting for a response from her, I hung up the call and without energy, threw the phone onto the bed. Sighing heavily, I returned to what I had been doing prior, and started rubbing my clit again. It missed the attention, and soon I was back to lightly moaning and thinking about my teacher, assaulting me with her tongue.


“Three times?” I asked in disbelief.

Ms. Wagner nodded. “Yup. Three,” she replied, finishing her story. I had been transfixed the whole time. It wasn’t just an entertaining story, Ms. Wagner knew exactly how to tell it. Every detail had me hooked, every word was one I clung to for dear life. Her storytelling skills were perfect. She was perfect.

“That’s crazy. I can’t imagine something like that happening to me,” I mumbled, taking in the story.

Ms. Wagner shrugged. “You never know what you’ll get up to in college until it hits you,” she offered. “It’s both the start of you being an adult and the last time you’ll really get to feel like you’re young. If you feel like you don’t fit in here, chances are you’ll find your groove there. That’s where I found my groove.”

“Is that because you found your, um, ‘secret girlfriend’ there?” I asked shyly.

“Truth be told, we lasted for like three months.” Ms. Wagner shrugged. “Kinda more, but it was that sort of ‘we are but we aren’t’ thing. It felt very high school-y. Like, you get into a relationship in high school and it feels like the most important thing ever, but a part of your mind knows it’s all very feelings-y and silly. Well, even after high school it feels like that a lot of the time.”

“I wouldn’t know,” I mumbled.

“Yet. Any of the girls here would be lucky to have you as their girlfriend,” she replied, probably because she thought I was sad and wanted to cheer me up.

I couldn’t resist. “Any?”

Ms. Wagner laughed. “Well, maybe not the straight ones, but we can’t help who we’re attracted to, and who we’re not attracted to. Plus, maybe a lot of these girls will only discover they’re into girls down the line. Our tastes change over time. I dated some guys that I am ashamed to even admit I was attracted to.”

Ms. Wagner being with a guy felt… unnatural to me. “Oh yeah? Like what?”

She gave me a playful smirk. “I am not going to get into that here. I could talk for a long time about the guys I dated, but not with a student. Talk to me once you‘ve graduated.” She gave me a wink, then went to organize her papers. I gathered my stuff together, my cheeks burning.

“You wouldn’t have recognized college me anyway. It was only late college I even started wearing this ponytail, for instance.”

“No way! But that ponytail is so… you,” I goaded. “I couldn’t imagine you not wearing it.”

Once again she gave me that cheeky smile and removed her hair tie.

My pussy throbbed. She looked carefree and sexy, like a lioness ready to pounce. She looked youthful and naughty, like she was going to live life by her rules and take what she wanted. I hoped I was what she wanted. She could take me anytime. Her hair cascaded to her shoulders, and made her look younger and even more built-for-sex than she already looked. She looked better than anything the porn industry could purposefully ever make to convey human sexuality.

I said nothing, and I think Ms. Wagner began to feel vulnerable. “I know, I know, it’s weird,” she laughed it off.

“No! You look… so different. Great, though. Stunning, if I can say.” I replied breathlessly. I cleared my throat. “You know, in a wholly supportive way.”

“No no, yeah, I get you.” she replied, putting her hair back up. “It’s nice to hear those things from people, especially when it’s not… you know… creepy.”

“Yeah, of course. I just think it really suits your more spontaneous side and stuff. Not telling you how to dress,” I awkwardly finished.

She paused, a weird smile on her face. “I have a spontaneous side? Huh.” She thought to herself. “The more you know.”

“I’m just saying, maybe you should rock that look more often,” I suggested.

“Maybe, but in school? Not a chance. Only the special few get to see me with my old hairdo,” she replied, winking at me. Throb. Was she flirting with me? It felt like it. I just wanted to reach forward. I just wanted her to pin me to the wall right there and take me. Lick my neck. Make me moan for you, Ms. Wagner.

“Anyway, this has been a nice conversation, as always, but lunch is basically over, you’ve got class to get to,” she gently reminded me. “Before you do, did you get that form signed?”

“Oh, right. Yeah.” I dug through my backpack and produced the form my parents signed. “Sorry, here you go.”

“Don’t be sorry, you’re good.” She took the paper and looked it over. I used the time to drink in her scent. “Oh, hey. You need to sign it too.” She handed it back to me.

My pens were in my bag, but… I had an idea. “Um, I think I forgot my pens in my locker. Do you have a spare?”

“Yeah, go nuts.” She reached into her desk and produced a pen for me. I quickly signed my name and handed the form to her. While she was filing it away, I nefariously put the pen in my backpack, in its own special pocket.

Luckily, she didn’t ask for it back. She just innocently smiled at me. “Great! See you tomorrow. Oh, and don’t forget, test. It’ll be on chapters ten through twelve. Read, read, read. Reread if you have to.”

“Don’t worry, I’m going to. Bye!” I called out to her as I left the classroom. Her pen in my backpack.

The pen she owned. Her hands were on it. I was going to use that pen all the god damn time now. I bet it even still had her scent on it. I could only hope. Maybe after I’m done all my reading tonight, as a reward, I would touch myself with that pen. Her pen. Ms. Wagner’s pen.

Ha. Hahahaha.


The next time I went to our lunch meeting, my heart stopped. It stopped, then fell a dozen flights, then crashed into the pavement.

I wasn’t the only one there. Johnny was there too. He was there before me, violating our space together, horning in on our one-on-one time, just like a stupid horny boy to do.

“What’s… he…” I asked awkwardly.

“Oh, right, I should have told you earlier,” Ms. Wagner said as if she was stupid to forget. “Johnny couldn’t make our usual lunch period meetup, so I just told him to come to this one instead. He wanted more feedback after the test.”

“Oh. So he’s been doing these too, huh?” I asked, hoping my tone didn’t betray me.

“Yeah, like you he’s diligent and wants to keep those marks up. You two actually have strengths in entirely different ways, it’s really cool to see,” she said warmly.

Johnny said, “Hey!” and gave me a polite wave. I didn’t even look in his eyes, and just went to my seat. For the entire lunch period, we went over the test material and then over what the next unit would cover, and how we can best prepare ourselves. That was it. No fun stories, no girl talk, no admitting little secrets and giggling. All because stupid Johnny was there. I felt like a robot. A robot with a broken heart. I guess I was like the Tin Man from The Wizard of Oz. Johnny sat there like the big dumb Scarecrow himself.

Hell, maybe I was the Scarecrow for thinking I was special enough that Ms. Wagner was doing this because she liked me. For all I knew any dumb boy with low marks and a cute smile was able to charm her. She did date boys in college. And now this dumb boy was worming his way into her trust, like those other dumb boys she dated. The ones she came to regret dating. How could she not see that Johnny was just going to be another name on that list?

Before I knew it, lunch period was over. Ms. Wagner cheerfully told us the abridged version of the lesson and summarized what we should keep in mind going forward. At the end of it I politely thanked her and left promptly, Johnny beside me.

I forgot that his locker was so close to mine. As I put my things away he walked up to me.

Hey,” he began. “I didn’t know that you were doing the lunch thing too.”

“Yup, I am,” I replied flatly.

“That’s cool. It was actually kinda nice to see you when it wasn’t just a crowd. I feel like I got to see more of the real you, and it’s pretty cool that I got that opportunity, you know?”

I didn’t reply.

He didn’t let up. “So, uh, if we’re both trying to keep up, maybe we could study together sometime? It might help us both to bounce ideas off each other.” I didn’t reply. “If you want, I can give you my number. You know, so we could organize a study session at the library or something. If you want.”

“I’m okay, but thank you,” I replied quietly.

“Cool, that’s fine,” Johnny said coolly, rolling his shoulders casually. “Well, it was good to talk to you. I’m gonna head to class. See you later.”

“Later,” I replied softly. He quickly left, leaving me at my locker. The sea of students whizzing past me felt invisible and yet omnipresent, like a force field of nothingness weighing me down. I was surrounded by human beings and yet felt so unbearably alone.


I turned around, following that hypnotic voice. Ms. Wagner stood next to me, her normally glowing face darkened with perplexion. “If it’s not too much trouble, could you see me briefly after school?” she asked out of nowhere. “You’re not in trouble or anything, I just wanted to ask your opinion on something.”

She didn’t look like she normally did. It kind of made me feel uneasy. “Uh, yeah, sure.” I replied faintly, my heart beating fast. It always did that whenever I could catch her scent (which was often, I could smell the difference whenever she walked into the room, even if I hadn’t seen her yet) but this time it was a little different.

She didn’t say anything more after that, she just walked back into her room. I went to my next class in a bit of a rush, my anxiety making me think that quick was better. Was she… did she maybe… no, she didn’t like me. But… I had never seen her with a face like that. It was as if… something inside her really wanted to get out or be let free or something. Or maybe she wanted to tell me that she was sorry she made me sit next to Johnny. Maybe she was going to tell me she was falling for Johnny like those other dumb boys she fell for.

Maybe I was an idiot and she wanted to talk to me about the next upcoming book report or something, I don’t know.

The next two periods couldn’t have possibly gone any slower. My anxiety increased with each passing minute. It was pure torture. I found myself looking at the clock, thinking to myself, ‘okay, the period is one hour and fifteen minutes, and thirty minutes have gone by. I’m two-fifths through the lesson. …Okay, fifteen more minutes have passed. I’m one-third through the rest of the lesson. …Okay, ten minutes since I last looked at the clock. I’m one-third through the rest of the lesson.’ I swear I learned fractions better this way than middle school ever taught me.

Finally, the bell rang. I practically jumped out of my seat, glad this was done with. I got to see my favorite person and an anxiety-inducing mess of a situation was coming to a close. Win-win. With haste, I powerwalked to Ms. Wagner’s room, and found her at her desk. A few of her last-period students were still in the classroom.

She looked up from marking papers and flashed me a quick friendly smile. She then cleared her throat and addressed the others. “Please don’t dawdle, I’m meeting with a student and I’d prefer to discuss with them alone please.” Her words had their effect – like I said she could be pretty authoritative in her voice when she wanted to – and the students quickly filed out.

Once the last student left her eyes surveyed the room, landing on me. “Would you mind closing the door? I figured it would be good to have some privacy.”

My heart was practically beating out of my chest. I don’t know if I was excited or panicking. Like a zombie I walked to the door and shut it, turning around to see Ms. Wagner with her arms folded, leaning on her desk.

“So…” she began awkwardly. “I just have been noticing some things lately, and I wanted to ask a simple question. I promise I won’t get mad in any way, but I want you to answer honestly please. Okay?”

I nodded. It was panic. My heart was practically audible.

“Do you have a crush on me?”

It skipped a beat. My mouth opened and I inhaled and exhaled a few times. I felt like I was going to cry. Ms. Wagner said nothing, staring at me with a sympathetic yet removed expression on her face. I did my best to regulate my breathing and then cleared my throat.

“W-where is this c-coming from?” I asked breathlessly.

“Just answer the question please.”

“N-no, of course not.”

“Mina…” she replied sternly, giving me a look that sent a chill up my spine.

I inhaled sharply through my nose. A single tear came out of one of my eyes and I couldn’t control my breathing anymore. “Ineedtositdown,” I could barely get out before collapsing into one of the chairs and letting my forehead hit the desk, my arms covering my head. I breathed like that for what seemed like hours, dreading the moment I lifted my head. Sure enough, when I did, Ms. Wagner was there, staring at me, having moved from her position at the desk to standing in front of me, her arms still folded.

“The truth, Mina.”

“Y-yes. I d-do,” I choked out, my eyes fixated on her. I wanted something. A look of lust, a look of understanding – she was just… there, cold, never wiping the perplexed look off her face.

She sighed heavily. “Yeah. I could guess that.” She paced around the room a bit, then sighed again.

I couldn’t help tears from flowing down my face. “Does this… a-are you…”

“Mina, for starters, the feeling isn’t reciprocated.” My head hit the desk again. “No, look up at me. Breathe. It is very important that you understand what I tell you, and to know that, I need you to look me in the eye.” After another minute, my head rose. “I get that this is hard for you. Really, I do. But you have to understand and accept all of it.”

She unfolded her arms and placed her hands on the desk in front of me. “Number one, the feelings aren’t reciprocated. Number two, even if there were feelings, which there aren’t – I want to stress that – it wouldn’t matter in the first place. I am your teacher and you are my student. It would be out of the question for us to do anything. It’s why most teachers are discouraged from even being friends with their students – there’s a dynamic here. It’s like a power dynamic. If I’m an authority over you, and we’re fraternizing, in one way or another, the power dynamic is going to affect that, and that’s going to affect you, and me, and how we work together in class, and – You know how students whose parents are teachers are never in their classes? That’s why. Do you get what I’m saying?”

I just stared at her. She sighed and lowered her eyebrows with an upset expression.

“Look, this is just the way it is. A teacher has authority over their student. To be in a relationship with them is predatory, I- I don’t know how better to explain that. It’s taboo. It wouldn’t be fair to you, it can seriously mess you up down the line and make future relationships worse, and I could be in big trouble for even letting us get to this point. Part of a teacher’s job is to prevent students from getting too close.”

“T-then why did you let us get close?” I complained between heaving breaths.

She gave me an upset smile. “Because I’m human,” she honestly replied. “I liked spending time with you, I liked getting closer to you, and along the way I forgot my obligations as a teacher. Alright? And I am a lot older than you. Even without the teacher aspect, no. Just no. Mina, I’m sorry, I am, and this is totally my fault for letting it get to this point, but we have to address this here and now and do something about it.”

“Do… something?” I didn’t know if my heart could sink more. I knew what was coming.

“I’m going to need to transfer you to another teacher,” she told me, saying the one thing I wanted to hear the least right now. “We need you to spend some time away from me. This can’t happen, and this can’t continue.”

“No, please.” I protested, my voice weak. “This c-… this can’t.”

“I want you to know, I feel terrible. This is completely my fault, and maybe when you’re older, you can forgive me for all this. But trust me, your future self would agree. I get this is really hard to see rationally right now, but trust me, trust, what I’m doing is what’s best for you and what will help you the most and you’ll know in time this was the right call,” she reasoned, her face now expressing her sadness at this situation.

“Ms. Wagner, I love you,” I blurted out. “I know you don’t want to hear that, but it’s true. I’ve never felt this way about a human being before in my life. Never. And you were so proud of me for understanding my own feelings. And now you want to punish me for them? This isn’t fair.”

“You’re right, it’s not,” she agreed. “That’s why I feel so terrible for letting it get this far.”

“But it got this far because there’s something there,” I protested. “You can say the feelings aren’t there because of your job, but we’ve looked in each other’s eyes, I could feel it. I know it. There’s something.”

“There isn’t.”

“There is and you need to stop lying!” I accused her. “You felt comfortable enough to show me yourself when you’re out of the classroom, what your hair looks like, your past, whatever. That isn’t something you show to just anyone, I bet not even one of your friends. Go ahead and deny it, but you can feel it too, you can feel my aura as much as – as I can feel yours.” Cheesy as hell, but it’s what I felt. “And you know I’m already having difficulties in this class. We’re more than halfway through the semester. Changing this class means changing my entire timetable around. That’s a death sentence, this school year will be done for me. And then I’ll need to retake a grade, I’ll have to adjust to new classmates, after finally getting to know the ones around me…”

“Mina, I approached you today because I could tell you have no interest in the people your age. You blew off Johnny like he didn’t exist and talk to me eagerly when it’s just us two, but not when he was in the room!” she argued. “I get that maybe you don’t like him as a person, but your friend Lucy also approached me and told me she was worried. You were losing interest in talking to her, you’re losing interest in your own hobbies, you’re not talking to anyone your own age, and all you seem to be interested in is talking to me! That’s not normal! That’s a very unhealthy relationship dynamic, and you need to be cut off now before any additional damage is done here!”

Lucy. That fucking rat. Well, if those were the rules of the game, I needed to play by the rules.

“Okay, okay, okay.” I conceded. “Maybe I was just rude to the people my age. They bullied me for talking to only you though, I just don’t trust them.”

Ms. Wagner raked her fingers over her face. “That’s not making any of this any better, Mina.” She paused for a bit. “There is another solution. I could resign my post here and transfer schools.”

“No way!!” I protested, and not even just for myself. “You told me how much hell it was to finally get a full-time position, and how lucky you were to get this job.”

“Yes, and now it’s in jeopardy.”

“None of this has to get out.”

“Mina, your own friends are approaching me worried about how you’re only socializing with me. We’re past this point. It’s either you move classes or I resign.”

I shook my head, sadly and angrily. “Can you even make a choice like that?”

“I don’t want to! But it has to be done. There’s no other option.”

“Well, it’s not like this has to be done tomorrow…” I trailed off.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I’m going to suggest something. Please let me say the full thing before cutting in.” Ms. Wagner shook her head and grasped her forehead with her hand, but didn’t say anything. “Let’s say we put this on trial status, but let’s say I get better at talking to my classmates again, we stop talking about this, it never happened. You keep your job, the rumors stop, I’ll just live with this situation, and neither of our lives have to be made hell from this.”

“Mina, this won’t help you with your crush situation. We’re through the looking glass now,” Ms. Wagner retaliated.

“Yeah, this won’t help with yours either, but here we are in this situation.” Adrenaline surged through me as I boldly replied with that. “Even if you want to pretend your feelings aren’t there, you admitted you made mistakes here too. You don’t want to make my life hard for this and you really don’t want to give up your job. This way neither of those things happen. We handle this like adults, in that high school-y feelings-y kind of way you described. We’ll just accept that what is, is, and what can never be. That’s the best thing for both of us. Okay?”

Ms. Wagner just stared at me with this half-squinty glare the whole time I talked. Without opening her mouth, I heard her give a long, nasal sigh. “Fine,” she finally said quietly, never taking her eyes off of me. “This conversation never happened. I don’t know about your feelings, you won’t bring them up to me or anyone else again, and you have one week to get your shit together. I’m being very serious. If I don’t see change in the following week, I’ll be letting the proper authorities know and you’ll be put in a new English class. Do I make myself clear?”

This was a new level of authority. She was downright scary. “Y-yes,” I managed.

“Good. Get out of my classroom,” she told me quietly yet firmly, her expression never changing. Without another word, I quickly left the room, scared to ever look back. I was lucky as hell that I got away with what I did, and I wasn’t exactly a schemer or anything – this didn’t set back my plans, this shattered my entire worldview. I had to clue what tomorrow looked like anymore, or hell, who I even was.


For the next full week, the door to Ms. Wagner’s room was closed and locked during lunch period. I asked Johnny about it, and he said that Ms. Wagner had told him she now had important matters to tend to during lunch. Part of me felt bad about that, but part of me also didn’t. Instead of hanging out with her, I decided to uphold my promise to her and, get this, I was the one to approach Johnny about spending lunch period together to compare study notes. Needless to say he agreed immediately.

Between that and hanging out with Lucy again after school, I was back to my old social standing and more pretty darn quickly. I didn’t know if Ms. Wagner had a pair of binoculars on my situation, but if she did, she’d know I was really trying. It was actually kind of cool – Lucy was now the one grateful that I was spending time around her, and being gracious enough to give Johnny my presence meant that my standing went up with his friends, even if his standing went down because “he was taking orders from a girl.” Johnny didn’t care, bless him.

After a week and a half of this, full of confidence (and having rehearsed this), I swaggered on over to Ms. Wagner’s room one day after school after all of the students had let her room. She was busy marking papers, and I coughed into my hand to get her attention. Wordlessly, she raised her head and looked at me.

“We cool?” was all I said.

“I hear you and Johnny are getting close,” she simply replied.

“Yeah, I’m spending more time with him. And Lucy. I even hung out with his group once or twice too. It’s kind of new ground for me, socially at least.”

“Good for you, I’m proud of you,” she replied with a slight, muted smile. After I waited for a bit longer, she sighed quickly. “Yes, we’re cool.”

“I’m glad to hear that. If we are, do you think we could keep doing lunchtimes? I feel myself slipping again.”

“I’m afraid I’m now quite busy during lunchtimes,” she simply answered, looking back to her papers. “I had to cancel my tutoring with all students. If you need assistance, I’m sure I can help you get a study buddy to help you.”

“We both know you’re not busy during lunches, Ms. Wagner,” I softly protested.

“Easy,” she warned, looking back up at me suddenly. I shivered. While I was doing my best to move on from her on the outside, on the inside I was still lusting for her as badly as ever, if not more. I just needed to not let that show. The better she thought I was doing, the better this would be for me. I may never have had Mrs. Potter as a teacher, but I could act decently well.

“Well, I’ll just need to find another way to improve my grades,” I said flatly. “I was just coming by to see what my options were.”

“I appreciate that,” she said, giving me another muted smile.

We may have been cool, but sadly, we were colder than we had ever been.


Johnny went ballistic when I suggested that we should go on a date sometime. Go figure, he said yes immediately. One weird public kiss in the main hall later, and it was public knowledge – Mina and Johnny were dating.

Of course, most people reacted to “Mina” with “Who?” And I was totally okay with that. I wasn’t going out with him for clout. I wasn’t going out with him for anyone to notice. Well, anyone but one person.

I sent him little notes during homeroom class. If Ms. Wagner asked the class to get into pairs, we’d always pair up. It got to the point where she’d smirk at us and tell us to pair up with anyone but each other. I think that either she was as good an actor as I was, or she had genuinely gotten over our past stint – she was smiling at me more and more, and I was back to being a student for her. For anyone else, that was business as usual, but sadly, for me, it was a step up.

Sometimes, when I was feeling brave, I’d ask for Johnny to scoot his desk over next to mine, and put his arm around me. We were known as that “cozy couple” in class. Never famous for PDA – aside from that one kiss in the main hall, we never did anything in public, and even behind closed doors all we did was kiss a few more times, he was actually super respectful of my boundaries – but known for those sweet gestures. The arm around my shoulder, sharing hoodies… the school photographer even snapped a few photos of us for the yearbook, but approached me afterwards telling me that if he broke up with me and it was nasty, she’d delete the photos instead when yearbook came around.

I asked him to put his arm around me during first period often. To him, I probably had my eyes closed, basking in his comfort, but he didn’t know that I was staring Ms. Wagner down the whole time, with an innocent expression of course. I could still smell her. I could still picture her with that hair tie off. I still masturbated with her pen; in fact, I almost exclusively masturbated using her pen.

Sometimes she would innocently smile, and sometimes she would roll her eyes with varying levels of “oh, those kids” to genuine annoyance at me. But way back, behind the facade of her expression, I swear I saw something in her eyes – a flicker of jealousy. At this point even though my crush never went away, my heart had done a surprisingly good job taking this and had just hardened, so while I figured things between us would never happen, I was happy seeing what I thought (and hoped) was jealousy in her eyes, as a consolation prize.

And who knows? Maybe after I graduated, if my feelings were still there… I could play the long game.

But in the meantime, I had to kiss a boy. I had to admit, a cute boy, that made it easier. Plus he had heard about my brief ‘teacher’s pet’ period with Ms. Wagner, and figured we could both appreciate talking about her.

One day, we were hanging out at his place, and she had come up in conversation while we were taking notes. Johnny as usual was going off about how great a teacher she was, and, used to him talking about this, I smirked at him.

“What?” he asked.

“You always talk about what a great personality she has,” I replied frankly. “You’re not fooling anyone, Johnny.”

Johnny had the worst ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ face on the planet. “Uhhh, babe, what are you even saying?” he asked with way too much confusion in his voice to be convincing.

“Come on, I know what all the boys say about her. I get it. She’s really attractive.”

“Babe, come on, this is a trap,” he said. “You know I only have eyes for you.”

I shrugged. “Hey, you can admit someone is attractive without meaning you’ll do anything about it. Plus, she’s you teacher, it’s not like anything will happen.”

He lowered one eyebrow and smirked at me. “It’s Hazelwood, babe.” Hazelwood had a bit of a reputation, two teachers were fired and probably jailed in the past decade for doing things with their students. “But yeah, she’s dece, I suppose.”

“Wanna know a secret?” I asked him. He nodded. “Okay, so, fun fact about me, I’m actually bi. And if you tell anyone about this I’ll kill you, but I used to have the biggest crush on her.”

“Woooah.” Johnny replied with wide eyes of wonder. “That’s so cool. What’s it like?”

I gave him a “come on” look. “It feels like having four legs and segmented eyes. It just feels like having crushes on girls as well as guys, Johnny.”

“Still, that’s… kinda hot,” he bashfully admitted.

I chuckled. “Yeah, I thought you would say that.”

“Nah, but I get where you’re coming from though. Like, her hips-” He stopped himself sheepishly. “Wait, you’re a girl. You probably just had this ‘tender love’ thing for her, right? Sorry for presuming.”

Johnny really was the sweetest mix of considerate and boneheaded. “Girls can feel lust too, dummy.” I retaliated. “Yes, her hips are like the sexiest things I’ve ever seen.”

Jonny’s mouth was agape. To be fair, I had never shown this side of myself to him before. I don’t honestly know what possessed me to do it now. Like it or not, Johnny was actually pretty sweet, and pretty trustworthy to boot. I felt safe and comfortable exposing this side of myself to him, knowing he was the least likely person to judge me for it. Unlike Lucy.

“I mean, yeah, I’ve… how cool are you with me talking about how sexy I find other girls?”

He asked. How touching. I stared at him in thought for a few seconds, and slowly replied, “I think because we both had a crush on her specifically – you had a crush, right?” He nodded slowly. “Okay, cool, then yeah, I think it’s okay talking about her specifically.”

“Okay, because I’ve had… dreams about her. Is that okay?” He scrunched up his face, preparing for the worst.

I laughed. “Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.” I replied slowly. “We should have had this conversation earlier.”


As twisted as it seemed, the thing needed to turn our relationship sexual was our combined crushes on Ms. Wagner. At first we referred to it as our past crushes, but as we confessed more and more, I was the first to admit I still had my crush, and Johnny quickly told me afterwards he felt the same way. We both concluded it would never happen, but it was nice to fantasize.

And fantasize we did. It started with our phone calls – we’d describe our dreams of her more and more graphically, and finally I couldn’t take it anymore and began touching myself while on the phone with him. Johnny, being the sweet birdbrain he was, didn’t clue in and asked if I was in pain when I got bolder and my moans got more pronounced. I think anyone else would have been weirded out, but Johnny? Johnny liked the taboo naughtiness of it. He liked that we shouldn’t be doing it. Before long, we started having phone sex where we took turns asking the other to close their eyes and describing all the things we pictured Ms. Wagner doing to them. (Johnny needed pointers on how women ‘even do it in the first place,’ because of course, but once he learned the basics he was a surprisingly fast learner.)

Then, once, we described these fantasies in person while hanging out at his house, and, as awkwardly as possible, Johnny told me he was really turned on and we decided to fool around for the first time. If I was being a hundred percent honest, I got it confirmed that day that sexually I was not into guys, but I appreciated Johnny’s efforts and used my acting skills to let him believe he did a great job. Of course, to reciprocate, I blew him, and I doubt he faked his orgasm. Afterwards he told me how amazing I was and how much he appreciated me and cared about me. Me, I was lost in the thoughts of how wrong the scent of a man was, and how I yearned to inhale Ms. Wagner’s scent up close.

Suddenly, we absolutely were that couple that did PDA. No one saw it coming, the least of which being Ms. Wagner. I was lucky enough to catch her face the first time she saw us going just a little bit too far for class etiquette. Her mouth was open and she was visibly breathing, her face a mix of shock and slight anger.

And, like I said, I’m no schemer, but in that moment I realized I could use her past to my advantage.

We had started doing rarer lunch period meetups again – only when I had done particularly poor on a report or test – and rarely, if ever, talked about anything other than schoolwork, but I was prepared for that.

“You’re doing well,” Ms. Wagner told me with a sweet smile as we finished our mini-lesson. God, I loved her voice. I loved the smile that accompanied it when she liked something. She was irresistible. “I trust you’ll study tonight for tomorrow’s test?”

I pretended to mull it over. “Probably, I answered. “The trouble is, tonight I’m supposed to do a thing with Johnny, and he gets pretty pissed when I blow these sorts of things off.”

“Oh yeah?” she asked, pretending to be curious. Below I could see concern.

“Yeah, honestly sometimes he can be kind of forceful,” I said with conviction. “It’s like, I love him and everything, but he’ll make plans for us then check if I was free that day after, or he’ll get weird when I talk about my other friends. Once he even asked me to give him my phone so he could look through it. I don’t know, I’m probably overreacting, but maybe I should bring it up with him that I don’t like it.”

Ms. Wagner was no longer hiding the concern on her face. “Um, wow. Absolutely you should,” she replied, with a little more Valley Girl in her voice than usual. It seemed like her voice would get like that when she got all feelings-y and high school-y herself. “Like, that’s not cool of a boy to just do that to a girl.”

“I dunno, he got pretty mad when I last brought it up,” I shrugged. “He said I was acting crazy and making it up. I figure he’ll just grow out of it eventually.” Internally I grinned. This was exactly like those boys you dated that you regretted, Ms. Wagner. Right before your secret girlfriend.

“Mina, this sounds really unfair to you. I think you should bring this up sooner rather than later.”

I shrugged. “I dunno,” I replied with just the right amount of shyness. “Maybe.” I slung my bad over my shoulder and left the room quickly. “Bye!”

She didn’t reply. I could feel her worry for me. Her concern. Her care. I was now on her mind, just as she was on mine. Of course, Johnny never did any of those things, but that wasn’t important. The story was.

Mina was being soiled by a man and Ms. Wagner was seeing her old self unfold right in front of her. Of course she’d want to step in, especially when the girl couldn’t help herself. And hopefully Ms. Wagner would want to indulge herself in the process.


It had been one week since I hatched that plan, and honestly, not much came of it, but I was still proud of it. Maybe something would work out long term – Ms. Wagner was asking me a little more often about him, which meant we were talking about out-of-school stuff a little more. That said, it turned out I sucked at planning.

And speaking of sucking at planning, I missed my damn bus. It was well after three, there were barely any other students in sight and I was just sitting in the main hall alone. I’d probably have to contact my mother after four and ask her to pick me up after work. I could have walked, but I didn’t like how long it was and preferred to wait. It wasn’t that bad – occasionally a small group of students would fly by, having just finished their extracurricular club or something, but largely I just kept to myself.

I filled the time by pulling out the familiar pen and studying it, feeling its weight in my hands, something I frequently did in my room alone. Of course, when I was alone, before long I would touch myself with it, then dance it along my clit and go two fingers deep inside myself while moaning Ms. Wager’s name, but I think that might have been a mistake to do in a school hallway.

After a while of admiring my pen, I noticed that the teachers were starting to go home too. A couple of the ones I didn’t know, then a few I did. I didn’t dare make eye contact with Graves, my math teacher, he scared me, and yet when I made eye contact with Ms. Wagner, it scared me in an entirely different way.

My first thought was, ‘I have to put this pen away,’ but I couldn’t do it in a subtle enough way before she approached me. She looked at me and then the clock. “Don’t you normally take the bus home? Did you have a club today?”

“I, uh, missed the bus.” I replied coolly, casually putting the pen away. I was lucky she didn’t realize the significance it had.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” she blandly replied. How I longed for her enthusiastic replies again. At least her scent, sexy frame, and irresistible face persisted. At least I had that. “Do you have a ride home?”

Spur-of-the-moment, I shook my head. “I have to walk, it takes about an hour. I’m just resting because I hurt my leg in PE today.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, are you okay?” Her voice adopted genuine concern. I loved when that happened.

“Oh yeah, I’ll be fine,” I waved it off. “Just resting. I’ll be good.”

“I’m surprised that Johnny isn’t here supporting you or offering a piggyback or something,” she chuckled.

Spur-of-the-moment again. “Johnny and I are… kinda off right now. We’re taking a break.”

“What does that mean?” she asked with a little heat.

I shrugged. “He told me some fantasies of him with another woman.” Not technically a lie. “We conclu- well, he concluded that he wanted the freedom to do things with other girls for a bit, so we’re giving him that freedom.” There was the lie. My face immediately twisted with concern. “I’m sorry, that was probably weird to say, wasn’t it?” I sighed. “I’m sorry. I just, don’t really know who to tell about this. It all feels really weird. But please don’t tell him you know this, he’d get really mad at me and I don’t want that.”

Ms. Wagner’s face was clouded. “I won’t tell him, don’t worry. I’m not about to butt in to my student’s private life,” she sighed. “Just… please, if you’re not comfortable, voice it. I really want you to stand up for yourself in these situations. You deserve to feel like your own person, and you don’t want to end up following him like an obedient puppy. Trust me, you’ll lose yourself in the process.”

I smiled at her sweetly. “Yeah, I probably should. It’s just that ‘should’ and actually doing it are two different things.”

She chuckled sadly. “Yeah, I know that feeling.” Silence hung in the air for a few more seconds, and my eyes drifted away. “Hey.” My eyes rose to hers again. “Do you want a ride home?”

“It isn’t weird, is it?”

“Nah, it’s not weird. But if I do, you have to talk to him,” she told me playfully, trying to make the tension lift a little. “Deal?”

I smiled. “Deal.” I followed her through the hall, out to the parking lot and eventually to her car.

“I obviously can’t do this every day you miss the bus, I don’t want to give special treatment to any student,” she reminded me. “What’s your address?”

I gave it to her and she nodded, putting it in her GPS. We drove in silence for a few more seconds before she piped up again.

“You know, now that we’re out of school, I can say it more directly… Johnny’s behavior is kind of worrying me. I can see the way he’s tried to take ownership over you in my classroom, and along with the stuff he said, it sounds like he wants to be possessive but still do what he wants without commitment. And that’s a bad sign,” Ms. Wagner commented as she drove.

“Yeah, but, I like being with Johnny. He makes me feel safe, or that I belong, or something,” I half-lied.

She shook her head. “You can get that kind of feeling of belonging from someone who isn’t toxic. I’m not telling you to break up with him, but I am telling you to communicate, it’ll be really good for the relationship.”

“Honestly, I’m kind of scared if he breaks up with me,” I admitted.

“That’s not good either,” she observed.

“No, not even like that. You told me to get my act together, and so I talked to Johnny, and we became a thing, and if we break up, you may find I’m not being social enough or whatever and we may have to, I dunno, have some difficult conversations or whatever…”

“What?” She took a second to digest what I said, then said nothing as she unexpectedly made a turn. I didn’t say anything, not knowing where this was going, as she pulled into some big empty parking lot. “Mina, did you get together with Johnny to make me feel better?”

I was silent for a bit. Ms. Wagner sighed heavily. “Hey.” That was always her way to get me to look into her eyes. “Tell you what. Right here, right now, ignore all of that teacher-student stuff. Nothing you tell me here will affect how we are tomorrow, but in return, I want to hear the full truth. Do we have a deal?”

I paused. Feeling bold, I started to talk. “If you make that promise, you really have to make it,” I told her slowly. “I’ll only tell you everything if you solemnly promise that it will have zero bearing on whether I stay in your class, or you stay my teacher, or something.”

“I promise, Mina,” she said, her voice a little unsteady. I noticed her head kind of made small erratic movements when she was nervous.

I exhaled slowly. I looked at her, but didn’t know where to begin. To cut the tension, she reached below the dashboard and pulled out some gum, offering me a piece. “Chewing will help you feel less nervous,” she told me gently. I obeyed and took a piece of the mint gum into my mouth, and she followed suit.

“Yeah, I got together with Johnny to make you feel better,” I admitted, to both her and myself. “I started talking to Lucy again for the same reason. I’m doing it for more reasons now than just you, obviously, but that’s how it started. I mean, accuse me of whatever you want, but I put in the effort.”

“I’m not accusing you of anything,” she told me gently.

The car was filling up with her scent. I could feel myself throb. I only really now realized how close I was to this idol of sexuality. I passed off my squirming in my seat as nervousness. “Johnny is sweet, but… I just…” I trailed off, wanting her to finish my sentence, but no such luck. “I just don’t think I’m into guys. At all.”

Ms. Wagner nodded, understanding, but silent so as to make me continue. My heart started beating faster. “I’m really nervous about telling you this next part. I feel like if you hear it you won’t uphold your end of the bargain.”

“I can kind of guess what it is, but I’m a woman of my word. Tell me what it is and since you’ll have told me, I can’t use it against you. If not, I might have to act based on my own assumptions.”

Oh, she was good at this. I breathed slowly. “My crush on you is still as powerful as ever. Hell, it’s stronger than ever. I can’t not think about you every day. Getting to see you every day has been… I mean, don’t get me wrong, it’s better than either of the alternatives we talked about, but it’s still hell for me. Every…” I breathed again. “Every time I kissed Johnny in front of you, if felt wrong, like I was kissing the wrong person. I get it can never happen, and you’re my teacher and all that, but like you said, in here we can ignore that so I’m just telling you that here and now. It felt wrong kissing Johnny. It feels wrong being with a boy. It felt wrong blowing him, for Christ’s sake.”

“You blew him?” she asked in a low voice.

“Yeah, I-” I cut myself off, opening the door and spitting the gum out, then shutting it. “Sorry, it’s hard to rant with that in your mouth.”

She chuckled lowly and softly. “I think we’re beyond the nervous point.” She followed suit, spitting her gum out the window.

“Anyway, yeah, we fooled around together, we make out at school, and like, it’s this weird thing where sometimes I’m even the one to initiate it, but I never want it, you know?”

“What is it you want?”

I laughed. “I can’t answer that honestly.”

“What. Is it. You want?” she repeated emphatically.

I stared at her. A few silent seconds of pure tension passed. “Yeah, okay, I want you,” I answered honestly. “My relationship with Johnny is a facade. It’s… it’s fake. But I know that if I actually let you know about my true feelings, bad stuff would happen. I did this for me, just like you said, but I also did this for you. Just because I have a crush on you, it doesn’t mean I’m going to go against your wishes for space, huh? Isn’t caring about you what love is, even if it sucks for both of us?”

“You have a good sense of – you’re mature, Mina. Romantically.” Her voice was kind of shaky. “I’m surprised someone your age can understand their feelings that way.”

I chuckled, looking away from her, at the dashboard. “Yeah, well, it didn’t do me any good, did it? Here I am, trapped with a boy I don’t really care about that way, confessing to the woman I can never be with, and it’s probably going to be weird again tomorrow.” I left a pause for her to talk, but she didn’t. “Although it feels good to get this stuff out. If I was graduated… nah, that’s weird… if I was a different person, I would have just wanted to ask to kiss you so badly. Since we’re being honest.” Another pause. She didn’t take this one either. “But you already rejected me once, so this is way easier. It’s not the end of the world, I’ll keep on living. You know?”

I finally looked back at her. She was giving me that same lowered-eyebrows squint-stare. A silence the length of eternity passed between us, and I could hear her nasally sigh with her mouth closed again. It also lasted an eternity.

Slowly, she reached for her seatbelt and undid it, letting the seatbelt go past her head. I was worried. Did I make her uncomfortable enough that she felt the need to exit the car? Were we going to go on a walk together or something?

Suddenly, out of nowhere, she lunged forward. I barely realized what had happened before her lips were on mine. My skin began burning and jolting with electricity. She was kissing me, she was fucking kissing me! I practically convulsed on the spot as my eyes closed and I began moaning into the kiss.

She was an expert kisser. Every movement of her lips danced along my skin and made me feel tingles in places I didn’t even know exist. Her scent was stronger than ever. Her body was practically mashed against mine due to the awkward placement of being in her car, but I actually kind of liked that. It made it feel like she was in total control, and that I was her plaything. I tried to keep up as best as I could, but I felt like a novice in the presence of her expert kisses and the way they made me feel.

She broke away so we could both go up for air. We were both panting, and there was no mistaking it, there absolutely was something in her eyes. Something I had never seen in her eyes before.

“Was it everything you dreamed it was?” she asked, huskily, in what felt like a new voice. She didn’t even sound like Ms. Wagner. She sounded like a new creature.

I couldn’t control my breathing, or the slow way that I blinked. It was like I was in a dream. “Kiss me again,” I could barely breathe.

She didn’t need me to ask her twice. In a flash, her lips were on mine again, our symbol of passion unmistakeable. This was it. I was kissing Ms. Wagner. Our lips were fighting each other hungrily, a contest of who wanted it more, and Ms. Wagner fought harder than even my deepest fantasies had hoped. I thought my pussy had throbbed before – I was wrong. It never truly throbbed before this day.

Expertly, eagerly, her mouth opened and her tongue probed my mouth. I was lucky I knew at least the basics from Johnny. I accepted her invitation gleefully and our tongues met and battled as moans escaped from both of our bodies. My hands awkwardly but eagerly roamed her body, and settled on looping around her. Ms. Wagner’s hands had settled for being on my shoulders, dominantly holding me in place.

This still felt surreal. I couldn’t believe this. She wanted me. On another level, this felt completely natural. I knew that she was hiding something behind that smile. I could just feel that she was going to be one of the most sexually aggressive people alive behind closed doors. And now, the doors were wide open.

Our kiss broke off and we were left, panting, looking at each other, no longer shy about the lust in each others’ eyes. “Does this mean… do you have… a…” I uneasily started.

“Shut up,” Ms. Wagner commanded. She undid my seatbelt and then opened her door, motioning to the back seat. Nervously, I followed her, finding her already sitting in the middle of the three-person seat when I opened the door on my side of the car.

She was looking it me like she was an animal, and I was a piece of meat. I was hers. “Sit on me,” she simply commanded, in this new husky voice of hers. Nervous yet excited, I complied, shutting the door behind me as I somewhat awkwardly maneuvered in the car to sit on her lap. Once I was on, she smiled hungrily and gave me a peck on the cheek.

“Good girl,” she purred.

My legs were on either side of her. I bet she could have felt that particular throb my pussy gave when she said that. “Ms. Wagner, I-”

She held up a finger, silencing me immediately. “When we’re here, like this, you call me Amy. Not by my teacher name. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I breathed.

“We can stop any time you want to, and the next time you call me by that name I will stop immediately and finish driving you home. But until then, you are going to be mine, and you’re going to satisfy me. Do you understand?”

I could have fucking melted right then and there. “Yes,” I practically moaned.

“That’s my good girl.” She pulled me into her. I thought she was going for another kiss on the lips but instead she dove into my neck and sensuously licked her way up my neck. I moaned and practically writhed on top of her, my legs turning to jelly. “Oh my goddd, M- Amy…” I moaned, making sure to abide by her rules.

She pulled away from my neck and smiled mischievously at me, before kissing me on the lips again. Her arms slipped around my back as her tongue invaded my mouth, and she claimed me fully. This felt so right, so perfect. Instinctively, I started grinding on top of her, and she let out a little moan of approval, which only made me grind with more passion. My hands roamed all over her, from trying to get behind her (which didn’t work, with her sitting against the seat and all) to clumsily running up and down her body, to obsessively running my hands through her hair, making out all the while. Our heads turned in sync with each other, learning to match each other’s movements perfectly. It was animalistic, yet also tender. I loved her.

Our bodies were mashing up against each other now, and I knew clearly well that this is what true intimacy was like. This is why everyone at school wouldn’t shut up about sex. This was why everyone wanted to bone Ms. Wagner, and some bragged they did. And I was the only one lucky enough to have claimed that. Unless…

I broke the kiss, my hands still running lovingly through their hair. “Have you… done this… with a student… before?” I asked between pants.

She bit her lip and smirked at me, shaking her head like I was such a naughty, desirable thing. “I hope it wouldn’t change a thing between us if I had,” she purred, her voice taking on this sexy, seductive tone. “But for the record, no I haven’t. And I never will.” She winked at me and gave me another kiss on the lips.

“Oh, Amy…” I moaned, with her diving into my neck again, this time leaving kisses and bites along her way. “This has been… everything I’ve dreamed of…”

“Mmm, so you’ve been dreaming about me?” she asked between bites.

“Almost on a nightly basis,” I honestly confessed.

“Such a naughty girl,” she reflected. “And what else happened in these dreams of ours?”

“We, uh… went further…” I felt myself turning pink.

She once again raised her gaze to meet mine, still giving me that sexy smirk. “I don’t know how far we’re going to go here,” she told me honestly. “But, I have an idea.”

I was kind of disappointed to hear that, and didn’t want to overthink about the what if’s, like ‘what if this was our only time,’ so I tried to push that to the back of my mind. “What’s that?” I asked.

In answer, she grinned at me, and started undoing her blouse. “Bear with me, I haven’t done this while someone was sitting on top of me in a car in half a decade,” she laughed. I wasn’t crazy into chests, but like hell I was going to tell that to the woman who was about to bare her breasts for me. With surprising grace, after undoing her blouse, she did some sort of trick in under a minute that resulted in her removing her bra with her blouse only half-off. At that point, her breasts came into view.

So, to be honest, she somehow pulled off making them look smaller than they actually were when she was in teacher mode. They were, in a word, large.

And, in another… gorgeous.

“What do you think? Just like your fantasies?” she laughed, shoving her chest out at me.

I was hypnotized. “Way better,” I mumbled, staring at her beautiful big areolae and puffy, enticing nipples. Her breasts were so large, so appetizing. I just wanted to reach out and touch them.

“They’re not just for show, my pet,” she smirked. The smirk disappeared immediately. “Is ‘pet’ okay? Would you prefer something else?”

I gave a singular guilty chuckle. “Do I get to request?”

“It’s why I’m asking,” she replied in a sing-song voice.

“So, um, I really like ‘good girl,’ but when you’re ordering me around…” I mumbled the word really quietly.

“What was that?”

“Slut.” I repeated, my voice barely above a whisper.

Her smirk turned into a grin. “I have underestimated you,” she mumbled, mainly to herself. “Touch my tits, slut.”

Trying to stop my hands from shaking, I lightly touched the outer edges of both of her boobs, making her flinch and chuckle. I guess my touch was too delicate and I tickled her. With more confidence, I wrapped my hands around her large boobs and lightly squeezed, realizing I was on completely unfamiliar ground here. I couldn’t even have tested these techniques on myself, given my nonexistent boobs. Not like Amy’s. Amy’s boobs were so large, so hefty, so… sexy. I listened closely for her vocal reactions and when she’d sigh happily, and continued doing that. Amy had closed her eyes and leaned her head back, so I got bold. With one of my hands remaining on her boob, I craned my neck forward and gave her neck a kiss of my own. As payback.

The effect was immediate. It would appear she had a weakness for neck kisses. Keeping up my hand’s action on her boob, and resuming my grinding on her, I began to lick her neck sensually, then kissed, then bite.

She winced. “Don’t leave marks,” she commanded. I would have liked to banter with her, but there were about a hundred good reasons not to, so, fair enough. I continued to softly nibble and kiss at her neck, although a part of my mind was now thinking about how hot it would be to leave marks on her neck. To claim her for myself.

With a naughty smile, I realized there was a way to do that without her other students knowing. Removing my hand from her boob, I left a trail of kisses down, from her neck, down her collarbone, until my head arrived at her left breast.

I inhaled her scent. I was so glad that it wasn’t just my imagination – she was even more irresistible up close. My pussy was so soaked, I bet there was a wet spot on her pants from all the grinding I had been doing. I wanted to eat her. For now, I was going to settle on her boobs.

I opened my mouth and engulfed her nipple, truly unaware of what I was doing but learning quickly. It was clear that either I was a fast learner or Amy really liked this, because she began grinding back with almost urgent passion and I felt her hands on the back of my head, urging me to go harder.

And harder I went. I couldn’t have left any marks on her neck, but her huge heavy sensitive boobs were another thing. I sucked, bit, tugged with my teeth, flicked with my tongue, and used any other trick I could come up with to make her squirm.

“Oh my God, yes!” she panted, really getting into this. “Good girl. You’re such a good girl. Keep going.”

I alternated between sucking both of her nipples and playing with her copious tit flesh. I loved sucking on her tits. I loved tits. There was something about being able to grasp her boob with both hands and suck it dry as she ground her hips against mine and moaned for me that was so undeniably sexy. I could have sucked her breasts for hours, and it’s quite possible I did.

“Oh my god, Mina, you’re incredible,” Amy moaned for me, throwing her head from side to side, enjoying the effort and passion of my suckling. “You’re such a good girl.”

I kept it up for a good while longer, ending it off with another trail of kisses from her boobs, up her neck and jaw, back to her mouth. We made out for a few more minutes until we were just too tired.

“Wow,” I was the first to talk. “That was amazing.” I held her close.

She accepted my embrace before breaking off the hug and fixing herself back up again. “It sure was something,” she chuckled. “I should probably take you home though.”

It probably was going to be dark soon. I nodded, and got off of her, and the both of us were at the front of the car with her driving me home before long.

“So what now?” I asked, figuring I should ask sooner rather than later.

“You’re a smart girl, you can guess the guilt is setting in,” she told me bluntly.

“What? Don’t! I loved it. That was better than any of my fantas-”

“Not helping,” she pointed out. I got quiet and faced the front for a bit, then turned to her again.

“Well, obviously I won’t be seeing you any different. Especially since this never happened,” I commented.

“I know,” she said assertively before softening and giving me a small smile. “Thanks.”

“Was Amy just a code name? Or like, a secret domme name that you’ve used f-”

“It’s just my first name,” Ms. Wagner chuckled, interrupting me.

“Oh. Okay.” I faced the front again. “You know, there’s f-”

“I’d… like the rest of this ride to be quiet, if that’s okay,” she cut in, clearly getting stressed about the situation.

“Uh, yeah, okay,” I replied awkwardly. I didn’t like seeing her stressed. It took all of my willpower to not give her a supportive kiss on the cheek as she drove. Finally, and yet, way too quickly, we reached my place, or at least a curb near it.

“Is dropping you off here okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s only a few extra yards,” I replied.

“Hey,” she gave in that supportive yet commanding voice. I looked at her. “If you miss your school bus deliberately after this, I won’t offer you a ride like this. Don’t be weird, don’t call me anything other than Ms. Wagner, and for God’s sake, break up with Johnny.”

I chuckled at that last part. “At least, I’ll have a conversation with him.” I promised. “And hey, can I ask one more thing before I leave this car?”

“You can ask,” she replied uneasily.

In response, I undid my seatbelt and reached up and kissed her like she did with me earlier. She accepted one small kiss but pushed me away after. “We’re in your neighborhood,” she reminded me with a chastising voice.

“Sorry. But… the feelings were real after all. Were they real since the beginning? I’ve got to know.”

Ms. Wagner let a slow, warm smile creep across her face. She bit her lower lip, looking at me. “Who knows?” she teased. “Go on, get out of my car.”

“Aw, co-”

“Now.” She used her emphatic voice for that one, her smile vanishing.

Sighing at the lack of any and all closure, I got out of the car, grabbed my bag and cheerfully waved her off. She waved politely and left immediately.

According to my mom, that day I was hanging out with a friend after school and forgot to tell her. I think my mom was just surprised I was hanging out with a friend and didn’t namedrop Lucy, so I think she presumed I was just hanging out with Johnny, spent the whole time making out, and was too bashful to tell her.

Well, she got most of that right.


I was expecting the next day to be awkward. I knew the tropes – avoided eye contact, the deep-seated guilt, that one joke a student makes about lesbian sex and both Ms. Wagner and I act all embarrassed and look away from each other – but in actuality it was pretty okay. Maybe we were both overly compensating or something, but we weren’t doing too badly at keeping things under wraps, myself especially. I get that Ms. Wagner was probably terrified of things getting out, but that’s why I had to be perfect – to show her that I can do things with her like this and she can trust me not to blab about it. Especially since I wanted to do it again.

I was still on cloud nine. I had a huge schoolgirl crush on the hottest teacher in school, and I got to make out with her in the back of her car. Like, those popular guys could kiss my ass, if it wasn’t reserved for Amy.

I kind of expected my crush on Ms. Wagner to dial it down a little after that, but I will confess, it kind of just went up. Several times during homeroom I’d catch myself enjoying her scent and rubbing my legs together. Hats off to the person who sat at my desk during second period, they probably had to wipe down the seat before class. I found myself unable to resist my urges and several times a day, I would ask to go to the washroom and just hammer out an orgasm or two. But never during homeroom. Homeroom was like my edging, the thing that made fingering myself worth it – an hour and a quarter of working myself up, of getting hornier and hornier from being around Ms. Wagner, and only after making it through that could I relieve myself.

Another huge change that I didn’t account for happened – I suddenly was into tits. Like, really into tits. The bigger the better, as far as I was concerned. According to Johnny, I just had an epiphany at one point, though he was all too happy to indulge me in my fantasies. A couple times a day during class he’d send me pictures of tits he found online, and I’d tell him how sexy they were and what I’d like to do to them. He found it super hot that I was sexually really eager about girls, even if he was kind of missing the point that, sexually, boys? Pretty meh. I thought about being really naughty and showing Ms. Wagner during a work period and innocently asking, “What do you think?” so that the students thought I was just showing her a quote from my book or something. I decided not to – I didn’t want to alarm her in any way, just in case this was going to continue.

Even our lunchtime meetups were completely innocent. It didn’t matter that we were the only two in the room, I had made her a promise. As time went on, it became less and less clear if she was committed to never mentioning that aspect of our relationship when we were in school, or if she was genuinely trying to forget that moment ever happened and attempting to leave the past in the past.

So that meant more PDA. Johnny and I were still fine, and if Ms. Wagner asked I could always tell her that I had a talk with him and ‘he’s better about everything now.’ After all, that was provable if she watched him – Johnny wasn’t acting like the Johnny I described to her on that fateful day. It helped that that version of Johnny never existed, but, you know, what you don’t know can’t hurt you.

Speaking of ‘what you don’t know,’ the temptation to tell… well, brag to Johnny about what I got to do was incredible. It took a lot to constantly hold back, especially since we’d occasionally indulge each other in our fantasies, and I’d have to hold back on the details or eagerness or recanting what Amy and I actually got up to. So I settled on making out with him a little more often. And hey, I wasn’t into boys sexually that much, but making out with Johnny still had its perks, and plus, we were the cute high school couple, if I got a show of hands as to how many of us expected us to last, we’d get single digits, tops. Hell, one of those hands would probably be poor Johnny’s.

And Ms. Wagner wasn’t fooling anyone. If Johnny and I were being a little too raunchy and on display in her class, she could look down at her papers all she wanted, but I caught her taking little peeks. At one point, we had just finished a passionate kiss and I caught Ms. Wagner looking at me, and, feeling bold, I winked at her. I genuinely thought that was helping my case, at the time. Of course, afterwards she’d clear her throat and chastise us in her own ‘I’m the teacher’ way. I was too busy fantasizing about the other ways.

After a few weeks, I was close to giving in, whether that was accepting that she had moved on and being sad about it or formulating a plan to ask her as subtly as possible where we were at. I wasn’t sure which one it would be until it happened, though knowing me it was probably going to be the latter. Before I could arrive at such a conclusion, during a work period Ms. Wagner was passing out marked reports silently like she usually did – in her own signature way. A fully marked report, with a little post-it note telling you your grade and a summarized note for the future.

She got to me and placed my report down at me. When I saw the post-it on top of the report, I was downright confused.

40. F. Way too little understanding of the subject matter. Please see me after school.

I was more confused than angry or anything. I actually put a lot of effort into this report. A worried little voice in the back of my mind was telling me that it was because she had it out for me, that she was too ashamed of me or something, but I tried to keep it cool and look to see if she gave me someone else’s report.

I looked at the front page of my report and sure enough, my own name greeted me. I started flipping through the pages looking for an explanation and I realized the feedback and intricate points she wrote on my report were all positive.

Please see me after school. I smirked. Amy was quite the clever one. Even when asking me to meet up with her in writing, she could never be caught for this. At worst, she could explain away that she gave me someone else’s post-it. Still smirking, I looked up from my report to see that she was now at her desk, surveying the classroom. Our eyes met and my grin widened as I shook my head in disbelief at her. Her face was completely blank, and she shrugged and moved her eyebrows up once as if to say, ‘I made my point, you got my message.’ And I did.


I kept up the facade as well as she did. After school, I promptly marched up to her room with my report in hand. “I’m here about my report… the one that I failed. You said I should see you,” I shyly told her.

Ms. Wagner nodded. “Yes, thank you for coming. We’ll just wait until the other students are gone, then we’ll discuss further.” I nodded shyly and sat down. Most of the students left promptly, and one of the students stayed behind for a few minutes to ask Ms. Wagner a question or two, but eventually, it was just the two of us.

“Ooookay,” Ms. Wagner sighed, looking over all of her work and pretending to organize her thoughts. “Would you be so good as to get the door please, Mina?”

I nodded and got up to shut the door, half excited to see what she had to talk about, but also half nervous in case this was another ‘we need to talk’ moment. After shutting the door, I turned around, and was promptly pinned to the door by Ms. Wagner.

No, not Ms. Wagner, Amy. She pinned me to the door forcefully as she forced her mouth onto mine, kissing me deeply yet soundlessly. It took all of my strength not to let out a loud moan. As quickly as it began, it ended, with her releasing me then whispering for me to take a seat. She sat down at her desk, and I sat down at a random one facing her.

“You’ve been on my mind a lot, Amy,” I began, whispering although I didn’t know why. “I missed you.”

Amy gave me one of her trademark smirks. “We can’t talk much here, people are still in the halls,” she told me in a hushed voice, hence the whispering I guess. “I think it’s been too long since we went on a car ride.”

I looked around, a smile breaking onto my face. “I don’t suppose…” I trailed off, looking around.

Amy shook her head no defiantly. “Even after all of the students leave, there will be custodians. They empty the bins in all of the classrooms. Besides, I don’t want to do anything here. It’s too risky.”

I frowned, which got a confused chuckle from Amy. “What? Is my car not good enough for you?” she playfully whisper-asked.

“I mean, it’s kind of cramped. We could wait until after the custodians have gone home or something.”

She shook her head no again. “They can be here for up to three hours, us hanging around school that long would look suspicious. We also have hall monitors, although they’re mostly there for students…”

“Can’t you just… put a sign on your door?” I asked exasperatedly.

She smiled at me, shaking her head. “Why do you want so badly for us to do it here?”

Time to be bold. “Because what I want to do to you needs more room than just a cramped car seat.”

It was clear she wasn’t expecting that. At first, her eyebrows shot up, then her face reflected both playfulness and confusion, then she bit her lip, looking me up and down. Eventually, she shrugged and thought to herself for a second, then produced a marker and a piece of paper. In her most professional handwriting, she wrote on the paper – “MEETING IN PROGRESS, PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB.” She then got some tape and motioned for me to stay in my seat, opening the door to the classroom and sticking the new sign on the outside.

After shutting it, she locked the door, then stared at it for a few seconds, then got a chair and wedged it into the doorknob so that even after unlocking the door, it would take some difficulty to get in. “Nice,” I commented. She did a few more things, like test the door and lower the blinds on the windows.

Finally, she produced a CD player, and went to a supply cupboard. With an audible, ‘ah,’ she picked up a jewel case containing a CD. She held it in front of her. “Ever done it to Winston Churchill?” she joked. I didn’t get it, until I saw that the CD was of inspiring speeches from historical figures. She put it in the CD player, hit play, and soon the room was filled with some historical figure I didn’t recognize giving a speech. “We’ll still need to keep it down and not be too loud, but at least now we don’t have to be silent,” she reasoned. “Plus, the walls are pretty good when it comes to sound. So, tell me about what it is you want to do to me.”

I bit my lip, eyeing her. “Fuck, Amy. You have such a… spirit.”

“Mhm, and you like it,” she replied, sexily strutting up to me. “From now on, you’ll refer to me only as Amy. Call me by my teacher name and we stop with no take-backsies. You’re here to please me, because you like pleasing me. Isn’t that right, slut?”

The last word sent a delicious shiver up my body. I was smelling her excitement already, I could tell that she felt particularly horny today. I was so lucky my period hadn’t begun yet, because I did not want to squander an opportunity like this. “Yes, Amy,” I obediently said.

“Good girl,” she purred, grabbing me with both hands, one by the hip, one by the jaw. She practically rammed me into the wall as she ground her body up against mine, kissing me with as much passion and attraction as she could muster. The kisses weren’t innocent for long, and soon, our tongues were wrestling and my hands were roaming her body again, a little more experienced this time. My hands grabbed her big beautiful tits through her shirt, caressing and squeezing, and I also realized now that we were standing and making out, I could grab something else.

It felt like my world changed when I grabbed Amy’s ass for the first time. Holy fuck. It was common knowledge in the school that she had amazing hips, but I swear, grab her ass enough times and you could give yourself an orgasm. She had an ass that felt like it was made for grabbing. She had a body absolutely built for sex, and the hormones to match it. I played with her ass and discovered how much fun it was to grab it and use it to mash my crotch into hers as I licked and lightly bit her neck, remembering her rule of no marks.

“Good girl,” she panted. “So, do you want to go back to a familiar taste? Or do you – ooh – want to try something new?”

I retreated my mouth from her neck and gave her a shocked expression. “You mean-”

“Shut up, slut. Get on your knees,” she ordered, her face suddenly full of determination. My heart pounded in my chest. Was this actually going to happen? Was this what I thought it was?

It was. Without even bothering to remove her blouse, Amy stood in front of me, giving me a dominating hungry smile and undoing the button on her jeans she wore today. The jeans that she looked like she had to pour herself into. They could barely contain her hips, and now, her hips were being released. I was drinking in the sight and trying my best to ignore FDR’s rambling, while Amy bit her lip and seductively wiggled her hips, getting herself out of her jeans. “Do you like this? Do you want to do this?”

I could only dumbly nod.

“Good girl,” she exhaled as she let her jeans fall to the floor. “Have you ever seen a pussy before?”

“Apart from my own?”

“Smart ass.”

“Never, although I’ve always wanted to see yours.”

“Mmm, your own teacher. You’re such a bad girl,” she moaned, lowering her panties. My first ever pussy came into view.

She kept it shaved, which kind of surprised me. I always thought the stereotype about the dominating kinds of girls was that they never shaved, and that it was the obedient “yes sir” Stepford wives that shaved. You know, for their man. Either the stereotype wasn’t true, or old habits from her college dating years died hard, I supposed.

The shape was beautiful. I knew what a pussy looked like, but her pussy looked like the model of what a pussy looked like. It looked like what you want a pussy to look like. It made you want to reach out and touch it, or give it a lick, or something. Her naked hips also were a sight to see – the jeans, if anything, did nothing to flatter the true shape of her body. No wonder this woman had a sexy swagger to her walk, her hips were made for breeding. I felt myself throb just imagining those beautiful hips wrapping themselves around my head.

The hard sell was the smell, though. If I thought I could smell her arousal before, I could faint from this stuff. I could bottle this scent up and sell it as a fucking aphrodisiac. She smelled like pure sex. It was the kind of stuff that with one whiff could overwrite the mind of a celibate and make them crave pussy, twenty-four seven. “Oh, wow,” was all I could say, practically in a haze.

She leaned back against her desk and spread her legs, giving me a sexy, daring grin. She pointed to the ground in front of her. “Crawl,” she told me in little more than a whisper.

Wow, so we were doing this, huh? Immediately, I obeyed, getting on all fours and crawling up to her. As I approached, she gave a cocky grin. “You love it.”

“Yes, Amy.”

“You want to touch it, and taste it.”

“Yes, Amy.”

“Mm, good girl.” She reached forward and began to play with her own pussy. “Keep your eyes on it,” she ordered as she began to play with herself. I was halfway between mesmerized by the sight of her playing with herself and also taking notes on what she was doing to please herself, and how I should match. She closed her eyes slowly and began to moan, then took her fingers away. “Please me.”

I sat up on the ground and, remembering my earlier encounter with her tits, began subtly, rubbing my hands along her thighs, up and down. With each ‘up’ motion I got a little closer to her folds, her beautiful petals, her womanhood. It was like a spark when I first felt myself touching her outer lips, rewarded with her spreading her legs a bit wider and her moaning and throwing her head back. This bitch was in heat.

My hands began to explore her vagina, from the bottom of her outer lips to the top. I found her engorged clit easily, and like mine, I think it was throbbing. She was every bit as horny as I was. Gently, the thumb of my one finger began to rub her clit, and she grabbed on to the desk with both hands and moaned throatily. I could see, and feel her wetness before ever sticking a finger inside her, but that was going to change. With my other hand, I rubbed along her lips, getting closer, and closer, until my finger pushed a little harder and easy slipped inside.

It felt like my finger got fucking submerged. When it emerged it was coated with her juices, the evidence of Amy’s arousal. Still rubbing her clit, I held my coated finger in front of my face. Hahaha. Her juices. Th