Friends Son and my in bikini – ssex story

Friends Son and my in bikini

I am Marga 36 years old and I have two daughters.
But my girlfriend who has a sixteen-year-old son who likes me a bit.
I’ve always seen him peek at me for the past two years, but hey, such a young lad.
I enjoyed being coveted by that kid, but I can’t help it.
His mom used to say jokingly, Marga he loves you.
Then he turned red behind his ears. If he knew I was at home, he would often arrive.

We got along well.

There were no intentions, at least with me.
It was summer, we were supposed to go to Spain together when he stepped back inside.
He called me aunt, but I didn’t want to, it sounded so old.
I walked around in my bikini and he looked at me. Do you like it? He was shocked, he was looking at me like that.
Uhh he. My bikini, I said.
Yes nice, a new one for the holiday?

Yes bought last week. Well he was not that big, just normal, nice and low that the sun could color well everywhere. I posed for him and I saw that he got a boner in his pants. How bad am I to tease you?
Sit down and you will get a drink. Your mother is not home yet, I knew that but still asked that question.
No, by no means, only in three hours. Well you stay nice with me, I am also alone.
And I want a handsome young lad as a company.

He is still a Virgin

I got his drink and went behind him and ran my breast down his neck and put it over his shoulders in front of him.
I will make that young horny once I thought on my own.
The more I thought about it, the more exciting I started to find it and it also made me a bit horny, but he didn’t see it.
As far as I know he has never felt a pussy, let alone fucked.
Yes when I think of that, his cock is still virgin and pure.

How big will it be and already spray a lot of seed. I am a real seed lover. I’m normally already very horny, but when I see a squirting cock, I cum spontaneously without fingering myself.

We sat across from each other and I watched his crotch closely. I rubbed my bikini crotch casually and just kept talking.
When I did, I saw them shuffle on his chair. Nice weather Jim. Sweat you like that too. ? No, but it is hot today.
Well I have the sweat between my groins and I pulled my panties a bit to remove the sweat that was not there. Now he had to see my bald cat between my pipes. So that’s sweating, but my cat was already a bit wet because of the shit I did with him.

Hard Teen Dick

I saw that his pants got even thicker in his crotch. Take your pants off man, nobody you see here.
No, he did not dare to peek over his glass of cola between my legs. I pretended not to notice. I dropped my hand to the edge of my bikini and slid the strap down a little further, so that my bulge emerged from my mound, just not my slit. boner was getting in the way.
Yes I was on the right track, put one leg over the railing that he could see my crotch.

What should I do now, everything went through my mind.
Carefully, I reached for my briefs with my hand and tried to open my lips and let my briefs slip into my slit. He will totally kick that.
He saw that I was on my pussy. I couldn’t hide it.

He looked at him horny and he was sitting on his cock with his hands. My pussy was dripping with horny, how could I go that far. I got up and went boldly to him
Grabbed his hand and brought it to my soaking wet pussy.
Could finger ready me, I’m so horny of you. He looked at me and doubted what to do.
He did not retract his latch, but pushed his hand awkwardly further down my briefs.
Ohhh yeah Jim, go on I will jerk you off.

You know what, let’s go inside.

We were not yet inside when I already loosened his pants. I was hotter now than I think I kicked out my bikini and he saw my bald pussy. Pulled him on the couch and I jerked his dick like crazy. Come finger me, I want to cum. I no longer saw that young boy, no I was so horny that I didn’t care anymore. I wanted to cum on his young fingers. He was gritting roughly in my cunt, but he didn’t know the spots. I sent his hand to my clit and alternated it with his fingers tucked deep in my pussy. I laid him flat on the couch that he was on his back. I was standing next to him and he grabbed my cunt.

First Orgasm

I came in succession, was an orgasm, that was a long time ago. I jerked further and suddenly I heard him give a few deep sighs and I saw the white rays squirt out of his dick. Ohhh I no longer had big blobs on his stomach and I jerked his fingers and tried to get his hand into my cunt, must be as wet as I was. But no that did not work.
I let him recover and I squeezed the last drop. I kissed him for this orgasm he gave me. But my pussy was still on fire. I’m going on now, I want everything now. Now that young fresh seed in my pussy too. I pulled it slowly and you saw it grow.

Those young guys don’t have a hard time fucking in a row. With my bikini I wiped his cum off his stomach and he still looked at me like that without saying a word.

With one over him I got on the couch, my other leg was still on the floor. Slowly I slumped down, his boner in front of my horny craving cave. Jimmm I’m going to fuck you now, you will soon feel my warm wet pussy around your cock.
Yes good Marga. Oh I loved how he said it.

There he goes and his cock slipped further into my gulping pussy between my lips. Further and further over to his stomach At the last bit I came again and the horny ran out along his young cock.
I screwed his young stake in circular movements. He groaned and he had his eyes closed. I imagined I was sitting on a jumbo dick. With every stroke I cum, my clit was on fire.

Great Orgasm

I now heard him cry that it was so itchy and that he was coming.
I squeezed his chest and wanted to bite his cock.
How horny I was, my lips were three times as thick. .Yes Marga. Ohhh JiM, come on squirt my pussy. He was jumping under me to ram it deeper. I felt his cum in my pussy and now I lay still. I should enjoy this, it may never come again.
After a few minutes I felt his cock slip out, and I got off him.

I wiped off the worst with my briefs.
Come on sweetie, we’re going to wash upstairs.
We have talked wonderfully about it and we are going to do it again.