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Baby Doll (1994) with Jenna Jameson


Baby Doll (1994) – Full Movie

Jenna’s dream is to become a top Hollywood model, but her refusal to “play the game” isn’t working. She’s about to pack it in and take the bus back to Iowa, but her agent talks her into giving it a few more weeks. She will become the Baby Doll of the hot movie.
Director: Fred J. Lincoln (as F.J. Lincoln)
Writer: Patti Rhodes-Lincoln
Stars: Jenna Jameson, Marc Wallice, Brittany O’Connell, Brittany O’Connell, Sahara Sands, Vixxxen, Gerry Pike

Jenna : It’s not that I don’t like sex. You know that’s not true. I wanna make it because I’m good, not just because I fucked the right people.
Vicki : Like I did?
Jenna : Oh. Sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.
Vicki : That’s okay, honey. I do that… because I wanted to do that. I have no regret.
Jenna : Then fuck me, bitch.

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